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The minimum requirements for accessibility are:

  • Platform height with curbstone which must be in variant R17.
  • Tactile line. This means that we have lines at the bus stop that severely visually impaired and blind people can navigate through. The line can be felt with a white stick, and possibly also with the feet through the soles of the shoes.
  • Visual line. These are lines that should act as signposts for a person who has impaired vision or cognitive ability.

Rebuilt or newly built bus stops must also have equipment based on the level of the stop. You can read more about the different levels here.

We work together with the Municipalities and the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) to adapt the stops.

Bus stop page and map

Each stop has a page here on the web with details of the specific stop. If you visit the page for the stop you want to travel from, you can use Street View to see what the stop looks like. Here you can search for stops.

You can find the same information on other maps here on the site. It could make your journey easier and allow you to prepare for the trip. Here you find our interactive map.