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Different ways of finding out bus times

There are different ways of finding out the bus times.

There are several ways you can find out your departure time:

If you decide to use our PDF timetables, check regularly that they are up to date. In case of any adjustments, the timetables that are available for download on our web will be replaced. We do not automatically send out new ones to anyone who downloads them as PDF.

Timetables at bus stops

There are timetables posted at most of our bus stops. These timetables will show you the departure times from that particular stop. For there to be a timetable at a bus stop, the stop will need to be used by more than 10 travellers per day. 

There are certain exceptions to the rule of 10 travellers per day rule. There may be a timetable if a stop is located near a:

  • school
  • health centre
  • hospital