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The ticket inspector's job is to check if a passenger has a valid ticket för the trip. As a passenger, it is your responsibility to make sure you have and can present a valid ticket or card for the entire journey.

If you do not have a valid ticket or card on inspection, the ticket inspector may impose a surcharge. This in accordance with Swedish law legislation (1977:67).

Report a surcharge

Ticket inspection
  • Ticket inspection on board the bus

    We carry out ticket inspections to prevent the use of the wrong tickets and to get more people to pay for their bus journey. It is your responsibility as a traveller to ensure that you have a valid travel document throughout the journey.

    You must be able to present a valid travel document to a ticket inspector. If you use our app for your ticket, make sure your phone has a charged battery for the whole trip.

    You are obliged to temporarily hand over either your mobile phone, your Travel Card or other travel document to the inspector. That so that he or she can check the validity.

  • Ticket inspection on board a train

    Ticket inspections on trains are conducted by the on-board staff, even though you are travelling using our tickets. If you have any questions about ticket inspections on trains, contact the rail company you travelled with. Contact details for the rail companies can be found here.

  • Ticket inspection School Card Junior

    During a ticket inspection, you must always be able to present the Grundskolekort to the inspector. The ticket on the card must be valid for the journey in question. Read more about the validity of the School Card Junior here on the website.

    The School Card Junior may be confiscated for examination if the card does not meet the requirements for use. If it is misused the School Card Junior will not be returned. We will not reimburse any expenses resulting from confiscation.

    Guardians are responsible for both any additional fee and expenses.

  • Ticket inspection School Card Senior

    A ticket inspector may by law (1977:67) impose a surcharge if you travel with an invalid School Card Senior (Gymnasiekort).

    Remember the following during a ticket inspection:

    • The School Card Senior must always be shown to the ticket inspector.
    • The School Card Senior must be completed correctly before the ticket inspection.
    • Special photo ID must be presented as evidence that you are the holder of the School Card Senior.
    • The School Card Senior on the card must be valid for the journey in question. More information about validity can be found here on the website.

    If you have not signed your School Card Senior properly, your School Card Senior may be confiscated. This means you will have to collect it from our Customer Service at the Resecentrum in Örebro. Bring the receipt issued by the ticket inspector along with valid photo ID. If a School Card Senior is misused it will not be returned.

    You may have to wait up to four working day before your School Card Senior is available for collection from our Customer Service. We will not reimburse any expenses resulting from confiscation.

    If the School Card Senior is misused, the card will not be returned. Instead you will have to pay for travel to and from school yourself for the remainder of the academic year.

  • Body-worn cameras

    The ticket inspectors use body-worn cameras. The reason for this is to improve safety on board. We also aim to reduce the risk of threatening situations towards the ticket inspectors.

    Handling of personal data

From January 1, 2024, we have hired QSecurity to perform the inspections.