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To make the bus ride enjoyable for everyone, we kindly request that you keep the following in mind: 

Signal clearly to the driver so that she or he can see that you want to get on. Ideally, you should wear reflectors when it is dark. If you do not have a reflector, please get in touch with our Customer Service, and we will send one to you.

When two buses arrive at a bus stop at the same time, the second bus will not stop and passengers must board the first bus. If three buses arrive at a bus stop, the third bus will wait until the first two have driven off before driving up to the bus stop to allow passengers to board.

Please move further back in the bus. When there are a large number of passengers on the bus, it is important to show extra consideration, especially for those who are getting on and off. There is often more space at the back of the bus, and we recommend that when boarding you to sit or stand as far back in the bus as possible.

Strong fragrance – (such as perfume) can trigger asthma. Please avoid when travelling with us.

Eating on the bus – For the comfort of others you must not eat on the bus or:

  • drink alcohol or smoke
  • bring explosive items on board
  • ride roller-skates, inlines or a skateboard
  • put your feet on the seats or other fittings

Anyone who is intoxicated may not be allowed to travel or may be asked to leave the bus. The same goes for those who are considered to be causing discomfort to fellow passengers.