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What you are allowed to bring and not and rules about pets are decided in our travel terms and conditions.

Luggage on board 

You can bring your luggage on board our buses free of charge. Luggage means an item that you can carry yourself and fit by your seat or on the overhead rack. Your luggage must not:

  • obstruct other passengers
  • take up seats
  • block emergency exits
  • obscure the driver’s view
  • obstruct the driver or affect on-board safety in any other way
  • not be disruptive or annoying to others
  • not be inflammable or explosive

Large suitcases and items of luggage are accepted subject to space being available and are then stored in the luggage compartment.

As a passenger you are responsible for your own luggage. Tip! Clearly label your luggage with your name, address and phone number in case you leave it on the bus.

Pets on buses

You may bring a dog, cat or other small pet on board free of charge. Your pet must not cause trouble for your fellow passengers and it must be on a lead or in a cage throughout the journey.

You are responsible for your pet. If you bring a furred pet onto the bus, listen to the bus driver’s instructions regarding the best place for you and your pet to sit.

Larger animals are not permitted on buses.