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Refunds are handled by our Customer Service. Here you will find the rules for the different tickets. The refund rules are set out in our travel terms and conditions.

Rules for repurchase per ticket
  • Repurchase of unused season ticket or Travel Credit

    We can refund the full value of unused season tickets and unused Travel Credit (reskassa) within 7 days of buying the ticket. This applies to season tickets valid 30 days and 30 days Off-Peak.

    This means that we do not repurchase season tickets with Flex 10/40, valid 24 hours or 72 hours.

  • Repurchase a used season ticket

    If you have activated your season ticket and want a refund within 7 days, we will refund as Travel Credit. This applies to tickets with a validity of 30 days or 30 days Off-Peak. 

    The amount due is calculated depending of the number of days since you activated the ticket.

    We refund to travel fund as follows:

    • First day of validity: You get back 80 percent of the ticket price
    • Day two: 60 percent
    • Day three: 50 percent
    • Day four: 40 percent
    • Day five: 30 percent
    • Day six: 20 percent
    • Day seven: 10 percent
    • After day seven: No refund

    We do not reimburse season tickets with a validity of 24 hours, 72 hours or Flex 10/40. These are activated immediately upon purchase and fall under the same principle as single tickets. If you have not been able to complete your trip or have been delayed, you can instead receive compensation via our delay compensation. Here you will find more information about our Travel Guarantee.

  • Repurchase a single ticket

    We do not refund single tickets or tickets deemed to be of the same value as single tickets. If you were unable to make your journey or were delayed, you may be able to apply for compensation through our Travel Guarantee. You can apply for compensation for delayed journeys here.

  • Repurchase a card fee

    If you have a completely unused Travel Card, we will refund the card fee of SEK 30. For a Travel Card to be counted as unused, there must be no previous trip registered on the card, the period must not have been activated and-/-or the Travel Credit untouched.

    If a Travel Card is used, the card fee will not be refunded.

  • Repurchase because of a major change in our bus traffic

    Sometimes we need to make changes to our bus routes that can affect your potential to travel with us. We approve repurchases if you can no longer use public transport due to such a change. We then refund the part of the ticket price that refers to the time after the change.

    If you have reduced opportunities to travel after a change implemented by us, but still have access to public transport, we will repurchase the part of the ticket price that refers to the time after the change.

    This applies to season tickets and Travel Credit.

  • Repurchase on sick leave

    If you as a traveller are on sick leave, or similar circumstances, and cannot travel with us, you are entitled to a refund of parts of your season ticket.

    We refund the part of the ticket price that remains after the start of the sick leave. You need to submit a written certificate of the sick leave or the similar circumstances for us to be able to carry out the reimbursement.

If you would like to repurchase a travel voucher other than those listed here - Please contact our Customer Service for more information and assistance.

Refund a ticket bought via our app

If you have bought your ticket in our app, you can turn to our Customer Service for help. A season ticket purchased in the app is activated immediately upon purchase and is then counted as a started ticket.

Refund a ticket loaded on a Travel Card

Refunds are available at our Customer Service at Resecentrum in Örebro. To obtain a refund you need to hand in the Travel Card in question, making sure that you have your receipt and contact details with you, as well as your account details if you would like the refund to be paid into your bank account.