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This can be, for example, purchases in the app, purchases in the webshop or when subscribing to our newsletter. You choose yourself whether you accept our policy for handling personal data and through your approval you can use the service.

We processes all personal data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Personal data is an item of information that can identify, directly or indirectly, a physical person (data subject). It could, for example, be a name, civic registration number or address.

How we handle personal data
  • How we use your personal data

    We at Länstrafiken and the Länstrafiken Data Processors use your personal data to improve service provision. The data could also be used by carefully selected partners for marketing and statistical purposes.

    We never give away or sell personal data to a third party. We only use personal data to improve its services and the traveller’s journey with us.

    We are bound by the public access to official documents principle, which means that certain documents are in the public domain. These are documents that we must make available if a person requests them.

    Before public documents are handed over, a confidentiality review is conducted in accordance with the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act. This is handled by Region Örebro County and further information is available here.

  • How do we collect personal data

    We collect personal data in different contexts, and the data is then processed in a range of ways depending on the context in which it is collected and the reason for collecting it. Personal data is also processed with the support of different regulations, as the data is used for a variety of purposes.

    We gain access to information about you in various ways when you travel by public transport or when you make use of Länstrafiken’s services in some other manner.

    We can also receive data from a third party, such as a municipal authority, or if you take up various offers or participate in competitions and similar activities. By using our services, you consent to Länstrafiken processing your personal data in accordance with the purpose of the service.

    We collect items of personal data via our website, apps and other channels. Below is a list of the services through which we collect personal data and details of how this data is used.

  • Saving personal data

    Personal data is saved for different lengths of time depending on the type of personal data and the legal basis on which the data was collected. Länstrafiken, which is part of Region Örebro County, complies with the Region Örebro County erasure plans passed by the Regional Council. These plans govern how long various items of data may be saved.

    We carry out erasure and clearance of personal data on a regular basis. Länstrafiken’s principal starting point is that as soon as an item of personal data is no longer necessary, it is erased.

    You are entitled at any time to request details of which items of personal data we have saved about you. Further information about this right and the procedure you need to follow is available on the Region Örebro County website.

Personal data that we collect
  • Personal data for Service Travel

    When you travel with Service Travel we need to collect your personal data. By submitting the forms available for Service Travel, you agree to the way in which we process your personal data. Data about you as an applicant is primarily obtained from the information you provided in your travel service application. Information from others is not obtained without the applicant's oral or written consent. Information that you and others submit will be stored in a personal register.

    Your personal data is protected and processed in accordance with the provisions of the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (Act 2009: 400) and the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We do not use personal data relating to services with Service Travel, for marketing purposes.

  • Personal data in our webshop

    In our webshop we collect personal data to enable you to make ticket purchases, receive lost ticket guarantees, to give you an overview of how you used your ticket and to gather statistics to improve our service.

    The personal data we collect is name, email address, telephone number, address, purchase and travel statistics, and in some cases gender and civic registration number. We also collect personal data in conjunction with your payment, but these are handled by NETS.

  • Personal data in our app

    Collection of personal data is done in connection with the use of Länstrafiken Örebro's app for bus traffic. Processing of personal data in the app is necessary for all its functions to be maintained. When you agree to this processing, an agreement is created that forms the legal basis for our processing of personal data.

    The following personal data can be processed in the app: email address, telephone number, search, purchase and travel history, first and last name, payment information and booking information.

    Personal data is processed in support of the following features of the app:

    • Purchase of ticket.
    • Creation of a user account.
    • Distribution of messages and notifications of possible traffic changes or disruptions.
    • Distribution of messages and notices of timetable updates or other relevant information relating to the county services.

    Personal data collected in the app is also used to:

    • Manage complaints, troubleshoot and provide support.
    • Check ticket validity.
    • Keeping statistics in order to develop our services.
    • Offer voluntary market research and participation in competitions and promotions.
    • Perform analyse to provide you with relevant offers.
    • Prevent misuse of the app.
  • Personal data in forms

    We have forms on this website where we collect personal data. The personal data that is collected and how it is used depends on the form you fill out.

    When you start subscribing to our newsletter, you agree to our handling of your personal data. The personal data we collect is name, email address and in some cases address. We do this in order to send you newsletters with information about our traffic, as well as offers, promotions and other things that may be of use to you when traveling with Länstrafiken. We also use personal data to get statistics to improve the service.

    By submitting a late payment you agree to our handling of your personal data. The personal data we collect is name, email address, address and in some cases telephone numbers. We may also need additional personal data depending on the desired payment method.

    We use personal data to pay compensation, inform about decisions and compile statistics to improve our services and our bus traffic.

    By completing an order for Business Cards you agree to our handling of your personal data. The personal data we collect is name, email address and in some cases telephone numbers. We use personal data to contact you as a contact person for the company that does not order the business card as a private person. We will use your personal data for contact relating to questions about the Business Card, provide information relating to the Business Card, as well as offers and information about improved service, and statistics to improve the service.

  • Personal data in customer cases and forms

    Customer cases can arise in many different ways. A customer can contact us, for example, over the telephone, social media, events, e-mails, customer forums, forms on the website or via contact with our Customer Service. In some cases, county traffic can collect personal data such as name, email address, telephone number and address.

    We do this to provide you with feedback on cases and other matters. The personal data is stored in our case management system which is cleaned regularly.

    We collect personal data via forms. These are handled differently depending on the form. The personal data is collected to enable you to use the respective service and the service is shown in the various forms. By submitting the form, you consent to the way in which we process your personal data.

  • Personal data during a ticket inspection

    By using our services and travelling with our buses, you agree to our General Travel Terms and Conditions. Our ticket inspectors can, in certain cases, collect personal data to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions regarding tickets.

    Länstrafiken's General Travel Terms and conditions

    Collecting Personal Data for surcharges

    To administer and issue a surcharge, we need to collect information about the individual who has received the surcharge. The information we need to collect includes:

    • Name
    • Address
    • Personal identification number

    After issuing the surcharge, we also need to collect information about payment or non-payment. Personal data is used for invoicing through a partner collaboration. We are allowed to collect this information because, as a passenger using Länstrafiken's transport, you enter into an agreement with us. In that agreement, you commit to following our rules when travelling with us. This agreement is the legal basis we have for collecting and managing the data.

    Collecting Personal Data in Case of Dispute Over a surcharge

    By submitting a dispute over the surcharge, you agree to our handling of your personal data. The personal data we collect includes:

    • Name
    • Address
    • Personal identification number
    • Email address

    We use your personal data to investigate the case and for statistical purposes.

    Image and Sound Material during Ticket Inspection

    Our ticket inspectors use body cameras. The image and sound material have a legal basis in the balancing of interests. We use video and audio recording to prevent threatening situations during ticket inspections. We also use it to facilitate investigations afterward if threatening situations have occurred. In these situations, our interest in maintaining safety in our transport is considered more significant than the registered individuals' interest in not being filmed or photographed. This applies to the safety of passengers, bus drivers, and inspectors alike.

  • Personal data when using Wifi

    In some cases, we may collect personal data when you use our internet on board. This is the email address and information about the device being used. This data is used to provide the service and improve it through statistics.

Further information about how Länstrafiken works with personal data

Further information about the processing of personal data can be found on the Region Örebro County website. You can find this information via this link. You should also contact Region Örebro County if you have any questions regarding the processing of personal data and the work related to this processing.