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You who have had a trip with Nationwide Transportation service approved, pay a so-called personal fee. The personal dee is the same regardless of whether you travel with a service travel vehicle, bus or train. It is the distance you travel that determines what you pay.

How you pay depends on how you travel:

  • When traveling by bus, train or the like, you can buy your tickets yourself and will be reimbursed by us afterwards.
  • When traveling with service travel vehicles, you pay for your journey via invoice.
Travel on invoice with Serviceresor
  • How and when your invoice is sent

    Every month we compile all your trips with Transportation Service, Nationwide Transportation Service and Patient Transport. We then send out the invoice on the 15th of the following month. We send the invoice to your civil registration address or if you have a special postal address.

    You need to pay the invoice 30 days from the printing date. If you have not traveled with us for a month, no invoice will be sent at all.

  • This is how it works to pay an invoice via direct debit

    If you already have invoices from Region Örebro län on direct debit (autogiro), the invoices will automatically be drawn via direct debit.

    If you choose to pay via direct debit, you will have all your invoices from Region Örebro län paid automatically. You need to make a direct debit notification to your internet bank.

    Notification notices are sent out approximately 30 days before the due date and state the amount that will be deducted from your bank account. You just need to make sure that there is money in your bank account the day before the due date. You will receive confirmation that the payment has been made via your regular account statement from your bank.

    If you do not have internet banking, you can fill in the form Consent for Direct Debit (In Swedish only). Read the terms and conditions, print them out and don't forget to sign them before submitting the form. You know that the registration is complete when you receive your first notification notice where the payment part has been canceled.

    Send the form by post to:
    Region Örebro county
    Box 1613
    701 16 Örebro

    Mark envelopes with "Autogiro notification/Avd. for customer invoices"

  • Digital invoice from Kivra

    If you already have an account on Kivra, you will receive a request in Kivra if you want to approve Region Örebro Län. If you choose yes, the invoices end up there. If you choose no, you will not receive your invoice via Kivra.

  • Lost invoice

    If you have lost your invoice, you can contact Regionservice at Region Örebro County. They can send a new invoice.

    Regionservice, the department for customer invoices, can be reached on phone 019-602 17 91 or email patientfakturor@regionorebrolan.se.

  • Questions about your invoice

    You can call us non-holiday weekdays between 10-12 , button selection 4. Here you will find the contact information for the Order Center.

    It is also fine to email faktura@lanstrafiken.se. When you email, we want you to send with your invoice number and name. This is so that we can help you more easily.

  • If you do not want to pay by invoice

    If you do not want an invoice for your trips with Serviceresor, you can let us know when you book your trip. If you notify this, it applies to all your trips.

    You can then pay directly in the car with cash or bank card instead of an invoice.