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If you do not have a valid travel pass during a ticket inspection, the ticket inspector may impose a surcharge. This is in accordance with Swedish law (1977:67).

The surcharge varies between 250 SEK, 900 SEK and 1400 SEK and are based on age and offence.

Prisgrupp Surcharge
Adult (20 years of age or more)  1 400 SEK
Young Person (7-19 years of age) 900 SEK
Invalid school card* 250 SEK

*If travelling with someone else's school card the surcharge is based on the age of the offender. A misused School Card will not be returned.

If you have received a surcharge, you must pay it within 10 days. You must use the payment slip issued by the ticket inspector. 

If you have comments on your surcharge, the surcharge must still be paid within 10 days. If your case is withdrawn after investigation, we will make a refund.

If the payment has not reached us within 10 days, a reminder fee will be added. If the additional fee is not paid after the reminder, the case is handed over to a debt collection company.

Here on the website you can leave a comment on a surcharge.