Transportation service

Applying for a transportation services permit

You must have a physical disability lasting at least three months which creates significant/particular difficulties travelling by regular public transport to be eligible for a transportation services permit.


A lack of public transport is not a valid reason for authorising transportation services. If your nearest bus stop is a long way away, some of the county’s municipalities offer complementary services. Contact your municipality for further information on complementary services.


When you have been authorised for transportation services, you will not be given a certificate or card showing that you are entitled to transportation services. All details are registered and saved at the Order Center. However, if requested, you must show ID when using transportation services.


The transportation services permit is usually valid for an unlimited number of journeys throughout Örebro County and you pay per journey. You can also travel outside of the county up to 30 km from the county border. The journey must begin or end in Örebro County. If you wish to travel further afield, you can apply for nationwide transportation services.


Apply for a transportation services permit

You can apply for a transportation service permit by downloading the application form below. The form is in Swedish. You can also order the application form by contacting our Customer Service.


You fill in the application and submit it to us. You may, if necessary, be asked to complete your application with a medical opinion. 


Bilden visar en ikon för pdf pdf Application for transportation service permit

Bilden visar en ikon för pdf pdf Application for transportation service permit with special conditions


Send the application to: 

Region Örebro län
Box 1613
701 16 Örebro

Information about journeys by transportation services

Transportation service is a specially adapted form of public transport. With transportation service, you travel in a vehicle with access and space for aids that are adapted to your medical needs.


Travel times

You can travel Monday-Friday at 5:30 to 24:00 and until 02:00 at night Saturday and Sunday.


Travel in the county and across the county border

The transportation service permit applies to trips throughout Örebro County and 30 km outside the county border.


Cost and payment

The minimum fare is SEK 40 for a trip up to 15 km. The maximum fare is SEK 125. If you are registered in Örebro municipality, the municipality offers a high-cost protection, you will receive more information from the Order Center. You pay either in cash or by card before the journey begins. 


Coordination and coordination of travel

Carpooling can take place with other travelers, which means that you can be referred to before or after your desired departure time. Since the transportation service's journeys are coordinated, there may be deviations in terms of both route and travel time.

Waiting time for pickup

When you order you will be informed what time the car is scheduled to arrive. Depending on the traffic situation and access to vehicles, the vehicle can reach up to 10 minutes after the promised time. The availability of vehicles is the largest holiday-free Monday - Friday 10.00-14.00 so if you have the opportunity to book your trip within this time span we recommend you to do so.

Escort / companion / pet

You can bring an escort and a fellow traveler on the trip. Companions go at no extra cost, the co-traveler pays the same fee as the fare service charge. The escort and the traveling companion get on and off at the same addresses as you. Own children (up to 20 years of age) also have the right to follow along on a transportation service trip. Since the rule refers to own children, grandchildren are not allowed to go along. You must be the custodian of the child or your own child must be registered at the same address as you. Leadership / service / signal dog and pet can be brought on the transportation service trip. As a customer, you are responsible for ensuring that the animal can be transported safely. It can be in a cage or with the aid of harness and the animal should be placed in the cargo area of ​​the vehicle.

Luggage and transfer aid

You can bring two bags or the equivalent on the trip and two transportation aids. This also applies to the companion and fellow traveler. The transportation service vehicle is always adapted to your needs, never to the attendant or fellow traveler. In other words, it will not be necessary with a larger vehicle than what is required based on your needs.


We will assist you including your transportation aids and luggage to and from the vehicle upon pickup. We also help you out of the vehicle and to the outer gate or equivalent at the end of the journey. If the driver, due to road safety, cannot drive to the outer gate, he or she will accompany you on pickup / drop off.

Drivers for our transportation services

We certify all of our transportation services drivers. The driver certification is a programme developed by the Swedish Public Transport Association, and applies throughout Sweden. 


The programme gives drivers knowledge about different customers’ needs and how they should treat passengers with respect and empathy. Drivers also learn which rules, laws and procedures apply in Örebro County. 


The aim of the certification is to ensure that customers meet a pleasant driver who provides the level of service they need for a safe, secure journey, and to improve the quality of special transportation services.

Booking a journey using transportation services

To book your journey, phone the Order Center, phone: +46 (0)771-92 00 00.


Now you can also book your journey through our app or web service. In order to handle your journeys with our app or web service, you need to register and create an account.You can register by accessing the web service in your browser and follow the instructions there. The Serviceresor Region Örebro län app can be downloaded from the App Store or through Google Play.


Book your journey in plenty of time, preferably the day before. Specialist vehicles should be booked the standard weekday before you want to travel, 08:00-16:00. Remember to cancel the journey if you are unable to travel for any reason.


When booking, you must state if you want to travel with a specific aid such as a wheelchair, walking frame or mobility scooter, for example. Also say if you will be accompanied on the journey by an attendant. 

Nationwide transportation services

If you want to make a journey of more than 30 km beyond the Örebro County border, you can apply for nationwide transportation services. To do this send an application form to the Transportation Services Unit, ideally 14 days before the requested travel day. Ahead of major holidays when a lot of people want to travel, such as the Christmas holidays, the deadline for applications is earlier.


You can obtain a permit for nationwide transportation services if you have a physical disability that means you are unable to travel by regular public transport on normal fares.


The journey may take different forms:


  • Second class by train with an attendant
  • First class by train
  • Regular bus, boat or air services
  • Taxi or special vehicle


You can apply for a nationwide transportation service in writing by printing and filling in this form:


 Bilden visar en ikon för pdf pdf Apply for nationwide transportation


Send it to:

Region Örebro län
Box 1613
701 16 Örebro

Travelling to work or day care

If you are a transportation services customer and need to travel to and from work, studies or a commissioned assignment, you can apply for a monthly pass. Send your application to the Transportation Services Unit.


If you would like to apply for a monthly card for travel to and from day care, contact your healthcare provider for assistance with the application. These trips are paid and granted by the respective municipality.


When you apply to the Transportation Services Unit for a monthly pass, you pay for your journeys by invoice rather than in the vehicle. The cost for a monthly transportation services pass is the same as the price of a season ticket for regular services on the same route. Find out more about season ticket prices here.


Apply for a monthly pass

Print out and use the form that fits you. Send it to us and we will handle your application as soon as possible. Decisions are given in writing.

Your application must be submitted with the current employer or study certificate. The certificate must include the number of working or study days per week, employment period and form of employment. If it is a practical period, it must be certified with the certificate of the extent, length and location of the internship.


 pdf Färdtjänst - monthly pass regarding work

 pdf Färdtjänst - monthly pass regarding studies


Send the application to: 

Region Örebro län
Box 1613
701 16 Örebro

Patient transport

Patient transport

If you receive written notification of a medical appointment with Region Örebro County (the regional authority), you can travel to and from your appointment on regional and local buses free of charge.


You travel free of charge to and from the appointment by public transport. Use your notification letter as a bus ticket. Show the letter to the bus driver and you will be given a Care Ticket, which together with the letter forms a valid travel pass. After your medical appointment you need to ask for a receipt, which together with the Care Ticket forms the travel pass for the journey home. 


If you have paid for your bus journey yourself and would like a refund, complete Region Örebro County’s form for patient transport refunds. If you travel by train and pay for the journey yourself, you are entitled to a refund for patient transport from Region Örebro County.


Further information and the application form for patient transport refunds can be found on the Region Örebro County website.


Travelling by patient transport vehicles

If you use transportation services or have a medical need for a mode of transport other than regular public transport, you may travel by patient transport vehicle or a service route.


Our patient transport vehicles are specially adapted for people with additional requirements regarding accessibility, assistance and space. Bookings for patient transport and patient transport vehicles must be made via the Order Center, +46 (0) 771- 92 00 00, by 18:00 on the standard weekday before the day you need to travel.


Now you can also cancel your journey via our app or web service. To do this, you first need to register and create an account.You register by visiting the web service in your browser and follow the instructions.The Serviceresor Region Örebro län app can be downloaded from the App Store or through Google Play.