• Kundforumet kommer att upphöra

    I slutet på februari 2020 kommer vi att stänga ner detta forum. Anledningen till att vi stänger ner forumet är att majoriteten av de som kontaktar oss gör det i ett mer privat ärende eller med en väldigt specifik fråga som inte är av intresse för fler. Det gör att ett publikt kundforum inte är optimalt eller kostnadseffektivt.

    Vi arbetar istället med att se över nya funktioner på www.lanstrafiken.se som kommer att göra det enklare för dig som besökaren att nå Länstrafiken. Bland annat kommer det att finnas en Tyck-till-funktion på varje enskild sida och Kontaka-oss-flik vart du som besökare än befinner dig på sidan.

    Önskar du komma i kontakt med oss kan du, innan de nya funktionerna är på plats på www.lanstrafiken.se, göra det på flera olika sätt:

    Telefon: 0771 - 55 30 00
    Mejl: lt.orebro@lanstrafiken.se
    Facebook: Via direktmeddelande på vår sida Länstrafiken Örebro.

    Måndag - fredag 07.00 - 19.00
    Lördag - söndag 10.00 - 17.00

    Du kan också besöka oss:

    Länstrafikens Kundcenter
    Resecentrum Örebro
    Ö:a Bangatan 1, Örebro

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Contact details

Customer Service - Contact details and opening hours

Our Customer Service is happy to help with answers to your questions, handy tips and other matters. There are several ways of contacting our Customer Service. 


Visit our Customer Center at Örebro Travel Center to buy and top-up Travelcards, single tickets and for other assistance. Feel free to ask questions and share your views. We are also happy to help you find the best journey for you. This is also where to come for information or complaints.


Phone: 0771-55 30 00

Email: lt.orebro@lanstrafiken.se


Opening hours:
Monday – Friday 07:00-19:00
Saturday – Sunday 10:00-17:00


Visiting address:

Länstrafikens Kundcenter (Länstrafiken Customer Center) 

Resecentrum Örebro (Örebro Travel Center)

Ö:a Bangatan 1, Örebro


Mailing address:

Länstrafiken Örebro - Region Örebro län

Box 1613

701 16 Örebro

Customer Service opening hours on public holidays

Our Customer Service may have different opening hours on public holidays. Here is a list of Swedish public holidays and the opening hours for our Customer Service phone line and our Customer Center. Changes may be made to our opening hours around public holidays, so please recheck them before visiting us. 


Opening hours for public holidays in 2019
DatePublic holidayDay of weekCustomer Service opening hours (phone)Customer Center opening hoursCustomer service on Facebook, Twitter and forum
1 Jan New Year’s Day Tuesday 08.00 - 20.00 10.00 – 17.00 Closed
5 Jan Twelfth Night Saturday 08.00 - 20.00 10.00 – 17.00 Closed
6 Jan Epiphany Sunday 08.00 - 20.00 10.00 – 17.00 Closed
18 April Maundy Thursday Thursday 07.00 - 20.00 07.00 - 20.00 08.00 - 16.00
19 April Good Friday Friday 08.00 - 20.00 10.00 – 17.00 Closed
20 April Easter Saturday Saturday 08.00 - 20.00 10.00 – 17.00 Closed
21 April Easter Sunday Sunday 08.00 - 20.00 10.00 – 17.00 Closed
22 April Easter Monday Monday 08.00 - 20.00 10.00 – 17.00 Closed
30 April Walpurgis Night Tuesday 07.00 - 20.00 07.00 - 20.00 08.00 - 16.00
1 May May Day Wednesday 08.00 - 20.00 10.00 – 17.00 Closed
30 May Ascension Day Thursday 08.00 - 20.00 10.00 - 17.00 Closed
6 June Sweden’s National Day Thursday 08.00 - 20.00 10.00 – 17.00 Closed
8 June Whitsun Eve Saturday 08.00 - 20.00 10.00 – 17.00 Closed
9 June Whitsun Sunday 08.00 - 20.00 10.00 – 17.00 Closed
21 June Midsummer’s Eve Friday 08.00 - 20.00 10.00 – 17.00 Closed
22 June Midsummer’s Day Saturday 08.00 - 20.00 10.00 – 17.00 Closed
2 Nov All Saints’ Day Saturday 10.00 – 17.00 10.00 – 17.00 10.00 – 17.00
24 Dec Christmas Eve Tuesday 10.00 - 14.00 10.00 - 14.00 10.00 – 14.00
25 Dec Christmas Day Wednesday 10.00 – 17.00 10.00 – 17.00 10.00 – 17.00
26 Dec Boxing Day Thursday 10.00 – 17.00 10.00 – 17.00 10.00 – 17.00
31 Dec New Year’s Eve Tuesday 10.00 – 17.00 10.00 – 17.00 10.00 – 17.00


Opening hours for public holidays in 2020
Date Public holiday Day of week Opening Hours
1 Jan New Year's Day Wednesday 10.00 – 17.00
5 Jan Twelfth Night Sunday 10.00 – 17.00
6 Jan Epiphany Monday 10.00 – 17.00
9 April Maunday Thursday Thursday 07.00 – 19.00
10 April Good Friday Friday 10.00 – 17.00
11 April Easter Saturday Saturday 10.00 – 17.00
Special Transportation Services – contact details and opening hours

Our Order Center deals with matters relating to Special Transportation Services. The person to contact depends on the type of service required. If you’re unsure who to contact, phone our Order Center and we’ll put you in touch with the right person!


Transportation Services Unit – including nationwide

If you have any questions about applying for transportation services for elderly/disabled persons, locally or nationwide, or a monthly transportation services pass for day care centres, work or study, please contact our Customer Service to get through to a transportation services assessor who can answer your questions.


Our transportation services assessor can be reached weekdays 08:00-12:00 (excluding public holidays) on 0771-55 30 00.


If you would like to post your application for a transportation services permit, please send it to:


Region Örebro County
Färdtjänstenheten (Transportation Services Unit)
Box 1613
701 16 Örebro


Patient Transport Unit

If you have any questions on the rules regarding patient transport services, please contact our Patient Transport Unit to speak directly with one of our patient transport administrators.


The unit can be reached on 020-31 43 22 Mondays-Thursdays (excluding public holidays) 09:00-14:30 and is closed for lunch 12:00-13:00. On Fridays the unit can be contacted 09:00-12:00.


Order Center – ordering transportation services and patient transport

Our Order Center deals with bookings for transportation services, patient transport, Flextraffic and demand-led traffic services. Journeys can also be amended and cancelled at the center. You can also phone the Order Center if you have forgotten anything during a journey using transportation services for elderly/disabled people or patient transport. We can help you with issues regarding drivers and other comments on our Special Transportation Services.


The Order Center can be reached on 0771-92 00 00. We are open 06:30-21:30 daily. When planning patient transport, remember that you must phone and book your journey by 18:00 at least one weekday (excluding holidays) before your date of travel. Please note that you can contact us 24 hours a day if you need emergency patient transport.


Adapted school transport

Do you need to cancel your or your child’s journey by adapted school transport? Or do you have any other questions on adapted school transport? Please phone us weekdays (excluding public holidays) on 019-17 50 17.

Bus companies

Our bus services are run by various bus companies that provide both the buses and staff. If you need to contact a bus company, but are unsure which company you travelled with, please contact our Customer Service. We can help you find out which bus company you need to contact. 


Contact details for the bus companies in Örebro County
Stationed at Bus companyPhone number
Askersund Sandarna transporter 0583 - 10198
Frövi Buss i Väst AB 0581 – 300 11
Hällefors Nobina AB 0587 – 42 35 01
Karlskoga Buss i Väst AB 0586 – 361 80
Kopparberg Buss i Väst AB 0580 – 100 23
Kumla Björks Buss i Närke 019 – 58 73 50
Lindesberg Buss i Väst AB 0581 – 100 97
Laxå Sandarna transporter 0584 – 100 61
Nora Nobina AB 0587 - 42 35 00



019 - 760 63 00

Mejla Svealandstrafiken

Örebro  Svealandstrafiken 

019 - 760 63 00

Mejla Svealandstrafiken

  Lindbergs Buss 019 - 31 50 50
Rail companies

Several of our tickets are valid for trains both within the county and in some cases across the county border. The validity of our tickets is described on the page about our tickets. If you’re interested in finding out which rail companies’ tickets are valid on our buses, you can find out about our partnerships via this link: Partnerships within the county and across county borders.


Here is a list of rail companies in the county, links to their websites, as well as other useful links to help make life easier when you travel by train within Örebro County.


Travel Guarantee

Travel Guarantee terms and conditions

If your journey with us is cancelled or delayed by more than 20 minutes, due to us, our services or shortcomings in our information which mean that you are late reaching your destination, you are eligible for compensation under our Travel Guarantee. This according to the Law on Public Transport Travelers' Rights (2015: 953).


This delay payment applies to bus and train by public transport. If you have been delayed when using our Service travel, please contact the Order Center for more information. Contact information for the Order Center can be found here.


Taxi, own car or other transport

If you risk arriving more than 20 minutes late at your destination, you can choose to travel by taxi or your own car. 

You also receive compensation for reasonable costs for travel with other transport. You order the taxi yourself and send the original taxi receipt to us together with the form in the folder, which you can either collect from Customer Service or ask them to send to you.


By train

If you are travelling by train with tickets issued by us, our compensation will equal that offered by the rail company. The terms and conditions for compensation can be found on each rail company’s website.


Size and payment of compensation for delayed journeys

According to Law (2015: 953) on public transport passengers' rights, Section 15, you are entitled to 50% of the fare if you are more than 20 minutes late, 75 percent if the delay is more than 40 minutes and the full fare if the delay is more than 60 minutes.


However, Länstrafiken will compensate you for the entire travel's single ticket price when you risk being more than 20 minutes late. If you travelled with a season ticket, we calculate the value of the journey based on 36 journeys a month. Our minimum compensation sum is SEK 50, which means that we always pay at least SEK 50 if the calculated compensation sum is below SEK 50.


If you decided to take a taxi, we pay compensation up to a maximum of SEK 1,163. If you decided to finish the journey in your own car, we pay compensation based on the Swedish Tax Agency’s norm for tax-free mileage allowance up to a maximum of SEK 1,163.


Under our Travel Guarantee, compensation is paid in the form of travel credit which you can also use as partial payment for a season ticket. If you choose to have your compensation in the form of travel credit, we will add an extra SEK 50 to the payment.


It is also possible to have the compensation paid into your account. You can choose this option when you apply for compensation. If no payment option is chosen on your application, we pay the compensation as travel credit.


Compensation for delay when traveling to or from healthcare

If you have been delayed more than 20 minutes when traveling to/from healthcare, you can make a complaint and get compensated. We only pay compensation if you have taken another transport than the bus: taxi or own car. 


Delay compensation when traveling on service with Company card

If you have been delayed more than 20 minutes when travelling with a Company card, we will pay the company compensation. The level of the allowance is calculated in the same way as if you travelled with a Travel credit (reskassa) privately, even if the compensation is paid out to the company connected with the Company card. Please indicate on the application "Other" ticket and write Company card (Företagskort) as a comment.  


Applying for compensation for delayed journeys

The easiest way to apply for compensation is here on the website. You can also obtain an application form from our Customer Service or collect one from our Customer Center. If you wish, you can also contact Customer Service for direct assistance with the compensation.


Please apply for your compensation as soon as possible after the incident to enable us to handle your case in the best way, but no later than 3 months


Travel Guarantee exclusions

Our Travel Guarantee does not cover delays due to services which we have announced online, at major bus stops or via the app at least four days before your journey commenced.


No compensation is paid for loss of income or other losses such as broken connections for journeys outside of Movingo’s and TiB’s traffic system, tickets for events or package holidays. Nor does our Travel Guarantee apply when using loyalty cards such as School Cards.


Appealing a compensation decision

If you wish to appeal against a decision regarding compensation for a delayed journey, please do so in writing. You can send your appeal to us by email or post. If you do not have the opportunity to submit this in writing, please contact our Customer Service for further assistance. You can find the contact informationen to our Customer Service here.


Lost and found

Items left on board

If you leave something on one of our buses, please contact the bus company directly. The phone lines for our bus companies are open weekdays (excluding public holidays). The contact details for bus companies can be found here.


If you leave something on a train, please contact the rail company you travelled with. Here are the contact details for the rail companies that mainly operate within Örebro County.


If you are unsure which company you travelled with, feel free to contact our Customer Service who can help you find out. You can also contact our Customer Service evenings or weekends if you have lost anything valuable. 


Problems with your Travelcard

Lost Travelcard or ticket

If you lose your Travelcard you can get a replacement. There are two ways of obtaining a new Travelcard depending on whether or not you have registered your Travelcard in our web shop. 


If your Travelcard is registered with our web shop

If you have registered the lost Travelcard in our web shop, it will be covered by our Lost Ticket Guarantee. This means that if you lose your Travelcard you will receive a new one of the same value free of charge.


You have to block your Travelcard in the web shop yourself, which you can do here. A block cannot be cancelled once it has gone through.


Once you have blocked your Travelcard, you can contact our Customer Service and give them the card number of the blocked card, along with the email address for your account in our web shop. A new Travelcard will then be made for you. 


You can either collect your new Travelcard from our Customer Center or have it posted to your home. The remaining time on a season ticket is not put on pause when you block your card. We therefore recommend that you collect your new Travelcard as soon as possible.


If your Travelcard is not registered in our web shop

If you have not registered your lost Travelcard in our web shop, you can obtain a new Travelcard of the same value on production of a receipt or card number. We will arrange a replacement at our Customer Center. There is a SEK 50 administration fee for blocking your old card and a SEK 30 fee for your new Travelcard.


Lost tickets and travel passes other than Travelcards

We do not replace lost single tickets. If you have lost your School Card, you can find out how to get a new one here.


If you have an Annual ticket by direct debit (autogiro), you are covered by our Lost Ticket Guarantee. Contact our Customer Service and we’ll help you to get a new Annual ticket.


If you have lost a Company Card, you can send an email to foretag@lanstrafiken.se or contact our Customer Service.


Found Travelcards

Sometimes people hand in Travelcards they have found. Before you block your card in our web shop, it’s a good idea to contact our Customer Service to find out if someone has handed your Travelcard in.


Found a Travelcard? If you’ve found a Travelcard, you can hand it to your nearest bus driver or sales agent, or post it to us. 

Faulty Travelcard

If your Travelcard no longer works or you have problems touching in and out: Hand your Travelcard to the driver on the bus and you will be given a replacement ticket for a new Travelcard free of charge. All of the information from your old Travelcard will automatically be transferred to your new Travelcard within a few days, during which time you can travel as usual.


You can also contact one of our sales agents for help with a replacement ticket if your Travelcard is causing problems, or simply contact our Customer Service.


If some reason, you may no longer be able to travel with our buses, we can refund your ticket depending on your situation. Refunds are available from our Customer Center. To get a refund you need to hand in the Travelcard in question, making sure that you have your receipt and contact details with you, as well as your account details if you would like the refund to be paid into your account. Rules on refunds are set out in our travel terms and conditions. 


Refund of unused season ticket or travel credit

We can refund the full value of unused season tickets and unused travel credit within 7 days of buying the ticket. In these cases we refund the sum into your bank account or give you travel credit at our Customer Center.


Refund of a used season ticket 

If you have activated your season ticket and want a refund within 7 days, we will refund the amount due on the season ticket as travel credit. The amount due is calculated by deducting the cost of single tickets for journeys made. This also applies if more than 7 days have passed since the card was bought, whether or not the ticket is activated.


Refund of single tickets

We do not refund single tickets or tickets deemed to be of the same value as single tickets. If you were unable to make your journey or were delayed, you may be able to apply for compensation through our Travel Guarantee. You can apply for compensation for delayed journeys here.


Refund of card fee

If you have a completely unused Travel Card, we will refund the card fee of 30 SEK. In order for a Travel Card to be counted as unused, there has to be no previous trip registered on the Travel Card, the period has to be unactivated and / or the travel credit untouched. If a Travel Card is used, the card fee will not be refunded.


Refund because of a major change in our bus traffic

Sometimes we need to make changes in our bus lines that can affect your opportunities to travel with us. If such a change affects you so that you no longer have the opportunity to use public transport at all, we will perform a refund according to the same principle as if you have a used season ticket, see above. In these cases, we refund the sum into your bank account or give you Travel credit at our Customer Center.


If you get reduced travel opportunities, but still have access to public transport, we refund your season tickets to Travel credit, according to the principle of an activated season ticket. We do not refund Travel credit if you still have access to public transport.

Transferring amounts from a Rabattkort to a Travelcard

If you have a Rabattkort from the old ticket system, you can contact our Customer Service to find out how much you have left on the card. You can then have the amount transferred to a new Travelcard, either by sending your Rabattkort to us or by visiting our Customer Center. 

Ticket inspections

Ticket inspections and surcharges

We carry out regular ticket inspections on our buses. The aim of these inspections is to stop passengers using wrong tickets and to get more people to pay for their bus journeys.


Travel passes are inspected by the bus driver, but we also have ticket inspectors who carry out separate inspections. Länstrafiken uses the company Nokas Security AB to carry out these inspections.


It’s the ticket inspector’s job to make sure that passengers have a valid travel pass. As a passenger, it is your responsibility to make sure that you both have and can present a valid travel pass during the entire journey. For example, make sure your mobile phone has batteri capacity throughout the trip.


If you do not have a valid travel pass at a ticket inspection, the ticket inspector may charge a surcharge, in accordance with Swedish legislation (1977:67). In addition to the surcharge, you will also be charged an administration fee and a single fare for the current journey.


The surcharge is SEK 1000.


Paying a surcharge

If you have been charged a surcharge, you must pay it within 10 days using the paying-in card issued during the ticket inspection. If payment does not reach us within 10 days, a reminder fee will be charged. If the inspection fee is not paid after the reminder is issued, the case will be passed on to a debt collection agency.


Ticket inspections on trains

Ticket inspections on trains are conducted by the on-board staff, even though you are travelling with our tickets. If you have any questions about ticket inspections on trains or want to appeal against a surcharge, contact the rail company you travelled with. Contact details for the rail companies can be found here.

Challenging a surcharge

You can dispute a surcharge via the form "Challenge a surcharge" or by sending a letter to us. You must submit your dispute so we will have it no later than 10 days from the ticket inspection. Fill in the information in the form and the reason as to why you want to dispute the surcharge. Here you can read more about how we handle your personal data.


Fields marked with required must be completed in order for you to submit your dispute. If your dispute concerns a person who lacks a full Swedish personal identification number, do the following:


  • Write the first six digits of the row for social security numbers followed by four zero's 0000.
  • Write the last four letters / numbers in the field for motivation.

Challenging your surcharge

Approve handling of personal data (required)


Advertising on buses and at bus stops

We have advertising spaces on most of our buses. If you’re interested in advertising on the buses or in having your flags on the city buses in Örebro, please contact Lars Edvardsson for information on bookings and prices:


Email: lars.edvardsson@xponera.se 

Phone: 019-32 33 01, 070-522 33 01

Website: Xponera


Contact Clear Channel if you would like to advertise in/at bus shelters. Their contact details can be found on their website: ClearChannel

Travel terms and conditions

Länstrafiken’s general travel terms and conditions

1. Purpose and scope of the travel terms and conditions

1.1 These rules apply to all bus and train journeys within Örebro County and to journeys across county borders using travel passes issued and approved by Region Örebro County (Länstrafiken). The travel terms and conditions regulate the issues that may arise between Länstrafiken and its customers in connection with journeys managed by Länstrafiken. ‘Länstrafiken’ refers to Region Örebro County and the companies that Region Örebro County has commissioned to carry out transport services.


1.2 By using Länstrafiken tickets or other travel passes issued or approved by Länstrafiken, you enter into a binding agreement to travel in accordance with these travel terms and conditions.


2. Bus routes and timetables

2.1 Länstrafiken establishes bus routes, timetables and prices. Länstrafiken has the right to change these and changes are communicated primarily in Länstrafiken's own channels, focusing on the website (www.lanstrafiken.se).


2.2 Individual trips or routes in the timetable may be cancelled due to circumstances beyond Länstrafiken’s control. 
Compensation is paid in accordance with 9. Travel Guarantee.


3. Travel passes

Buying tickets and Travel card

3.1 Travel passes can be bought on buses, at the Länstrafiken Customer Center, from sales agents, via app, ticket machines on platforms or online at www.lanstrafiken.se.


3.2 All sales on board buses are cash free, although there may be some exceptions.


Valid travel pass

3.3 The passenger travels for a fee in accordance with the applicable fare.


3.4 The passenger is responsible for making sure he/she has a valid travel pass before boarding the bus or train, and for being able to present a valid travel pass at any time.


3.5 When travelling by train with a travel pass, the passenger must touch in with the pass by holding it against the ticket reader on the platform.


3.6 The passenger is obliged to temporarily hand over his/her travel pass to the driver, on-board staff or ticket inspector if requested for inspection. If the travel pass is on a passenger’s mobile phone, he/she is obliged to temporarily hand over their mobile phone to the driver, on-board staff or ticket inspector if requested for inspection.


3.7 A valid travel pass is confirmation of an agreement between Länstrafiken and the passenger, which includes these travel terms and conditions.


Price categories

3.8 Children aged 0-6 travel free of charge when accompanied by a paying passenger. Each paying passenger may have up to two children travelling with them free of charge. A Young Person fare applies for the third child on and for children not accompanied by a paying passenger. Children aged under 7 should not travel unaccompanied for safety reasons. Passengers aged 7-19 pay the pay the Young Person fare. Adult fares apply from the age of 20.


3.9 ID must be produced if there are doubts about a passenger’s age, otherwise the fare for the closest higher price category will be charged.



3.10 The period of validity for tickets varies depending on the length of the journey and in which geographical area the journey takes place.


3.11 The travel pass is valid for journeys within the travel pass’s stated zones, areas and period of validity.


4. Refunds

4.1 Passengers are responsible for lost travel passes. Travelcards damaged due to technical faults are replaced free of charge.


4.2 Refunds cannot be issued for single tickets (all types).


4.3 Unused travel passes, excluding single tickets, can be refunded within one week of their sale, in which case the full value of the travel pass is refunded.


4.4 Unused travel passes that are more than one week old and used travel passes, with or without a receipt, are only refunded as vouchers or travel credit. If a passenger wants a cash refund for a season ticket that has already begun, he/she must provide written proof of e.g. unemployment, sick leave, change of address or similar.


4.5 Vouchers or travel credit can be used as payment or partial payment when buying Länstrafiken travel passes. They can be redeemed at Länstrafiken Customer Center and Länstrafiken sales agents. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash. The vouchers are valid for one year from the date of printing unless stated otherwise.


4.6 Tickets can only be refunded at Länstrafiken Customer Center.


4.7 Special terms apply for travel passes bought online or by direct debit (autogiro).


5. Ticket inspections and surcharges

5.1 Passengers must show a valid travel pass during inspections.


5.2 Abuse of travel passes is punishable by law and may lead to the travel pass being withdrawn or confiscated.


5.3 Anyone who fails to show a valid travel pass during an inspection must, in accordance with the act on supplementary charges in public passenger transport (SFS 1977:67), pay an inspection fee.


6. General rules for travelling

Getting on and off the bus

6.1 Passenger travel is always subject to space being available. Note that this also applies to passengers who travel with e.g. prams/buggies, walking frames, wheelchairs or animals where there are special restrictions for reasons of space.


6.2 Buses in regular services only stop when a passenger standing at the bus stop clearly indicates that he/she wants to board, or when a passenger on board presses the ‘STOP’ button in plenty of time to show that they want to get off.


6.3 A bus that has begun to drive away or left the bus stop cannot let passengers get on or off for safety reasons.


6.4 When more than one bus stops at a bus stop at the same time, the second bus will not stop again.



6.5 Luggage that you can carry yourself is not subject to a charge. Your luggage must not obstruct other passengers, take up seats, block emergency exits, obscure the driver’s view, obstruct the driver or affect on-board safety in any other way.


6.6 You may not bring on board luggage that could be disruptive or annoying to others.


6.7 Luggage that is inflammable, explosive or dangerous in some other way is not permitted.



6.8 You may bring a conventional two-wheel bicycles or an electric bicycle, free of charge and depending on space being available, on the regional bus routes run by our blue buses. Bicycles must be positioned according to the driver’s instructions and the passenger must hang and secure the bicycle and take it down him/herself. The bicycle must be of a normal size, must not have any superstructures and the weight must not exceed 25 kg.


You may bring a bicycles, scooters and electric scooters that can be folded together on all routes with regional, express and city bus, if you place it at designated place as hand luggage. You can do so without charge, but it is subject to space availability and it must not take space from other travelers. 


6.9 It is not possible to bring a conventional two-wheeled or non-collapsible bicycle, scooter or electric bicycle on a city bus or express bus.


6.10 Passengers cannot be given confirmation in advance that there will be space for his/her bicycle. There is no guarantee that a passenger will be able to bring their bicycle on board.


6.11 Passengers bring their bicycles on board at their own risk.


6.12 Electric scooters are not allowed on board.


Prams/buggies and walking frames

6.13 Prams/buggies and walking frames can be taken on board free of charge subject to space being available. They must be put in the designated area. Prams/buggies share the same area as walking frames and wheelchairs. The area is filled until it is full without any category taking precedence over the other. Prams/buggies and walking frames may not be positioned so that they obstruct passengers or block emergency exits.


6.14 Passengers with prams/buggies or walking frames are responsible for the pram/buggy or walking frame and its safety. Prams/buggies and walking frames must have their brakes applied during the journey. Securing devices for prams/buggies and walking frames must be used where available. For your child’s safety, he/she must not be left in the pram/buggy during the journey.


6.15 Passengers with prams/buggies or walking frames pay the standard fare.


Dogs, cats and small pets

6.16 Dogs, cats and other small pets may be taken on board free of charge providing they do not cause trouble for fellow passengers.


6.17 The animals must be on a lead or in a cage.


6.18 Passengers with animals are responsible for their pets and risk being turned away if the animal disturbs fellow passengers or staff.


6.19 Furred animals must be placed in the designated area.


Seat belt

6.20 If there is a seat belt where you are sitting, you are obliged by law to use it.


Public order

6.21 Passengers are obliged to follow the rules set out in the Swedish Public Order Act (SFS 1993:1617) and our rules set out in point 6.21, along with requests from drivers and other on-board staff.


6.22 In addition to the rules in the Public Order Act, passengers are not allowed to smoke, ride inlines, roller-skates or skateboards, or put their feet on the seats or other furniture. Passengers may eat on the bus provided they do not make a mess, leave litter or disturb fellow passengers.


6.23 Anyone who fails to obey these rules risks being turned away and therefore loses their right to transportation and any refund.


Responsibility for luggage and animals, etc.

6.24 Passengers must watch over their own luggage, prams/buggies, wheelchairs, walking frames, pets and other items.


6.25 Passengers are responsible for the luggage they bring on board. Passengers are also responsible for any damage or injuries that their luggage may cause to the bus, staff, fellow passengers or their property.


6.26 In the event that Länstrafiken is liable to pay compensation to another passenger or third party for damage caused by luggage on board in accordance with 6.23, the passenger who brought the luggage on board is liable to pay.


Lost and found

6.27 Items found by passengers must be handed in to on-board staff without demanding compensation.


6.28 If you have left something on a vehicle, Länstrafiken Customer Service (0771-55 30 00 or www.lanstrafiken.se) can help you get in contact with the right lost and found department.


6.29 All lost items are kept for 3 months.


7. Special services for passengers with disabilities

7.1 Passengers with disabilities can, if required, be assisted by on-board staff in getting on and off and in paying for the journey.


7.2 Wheelchairs, walking frames and similar technical aids may be brought on board free of charge, subject to space being available. We accept wheelchairs with the following maximum dimensions: Total length: 1,200 mm, Total width (at widest point): 700 mm, Weight: 300 kg (chair + passenger) in accordance with Swedish Public Transport Association recommendations.


7.3 The passenger must remain seated in the wheelchair during the journey. The wheelchair must be placed in the designated area and the brake applied. In buses with special back supports, the wheelchair must be positioned so that it is rear facing. Securing devices for wheelchairs, walking frames or other technical aids must be used where available.


8. Information on traffic disruptions

8.1 In the event of major serious service disruptions, Länstrafiken provides information to the transport editorial team at P4 Radio Örebro. Traffic reports are generally broadcast weekdays 06:00-18:00 during the news.


8.2 Information about planned changes to services that are not shown in the timetable are posted on our website www.lanstrafiken.se, on notices in passenger shelters and on electronic signs.


9. Travel Guarantee

9.1 If delays to bus services or shortcomings in our information mean that a passenger arrives more than 20 minutes late, he/she can claim compensation through our Travel Guarantee (Law 2015:953). A brochure and form, which can be collected from a sales agent, our Customer Center or downloaded from our website www.lanstrafiken.se. It is also possible to contact Customer Service directly for assistance with the compensation.


9.2 Contact with Customer Service regarding late payment shall be taken as soon as possible and within 3 months from the date of the event.


9.2 Detailed information about Länstrafiken’s Travel Guarantee can be found att www.lanstrafiken.se.


10. Personal injury and damage to property

10.1 Responsibility for personal injury and some damage to property arising during bus services is regulated in the Swedish Motor Traffic Damage Act.


11. Complaints

11.1 If you have claims or complaints based on the delay or any other part of Länstrafik's general travel terms, please contact Länstrafikens Customer Service. Contact information is available at www.lanstrafiken.se. We want your claim or your complaint as soon as possible, but no later than 3 months after the event.

The handling of personal data

Länstrafiken processes all personal data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Personal data is an item of information that can identify, directly or indirectly, a physical person (data subject). It could, for example, be a name, civic registration number or address.


How does Länstrafiken use your personal data?


Staff at Länstrafiken and the Länstrafiken Data Processors use your personal data to improve service provision. The data could also be used by carefully selected partners for marketing and statistical purposes. We never give away or sell personal data to a third party. Länstrafiken only uses personal data to improve its services and the traveller’s journey with Länstrafiken.


Länstrafiken is bound by the public access to official documents principle, which means that certain documents are in the public domain. These are documents that Länstrafiken must make available if a person requests them. Before public documents are handed over, a confidentiality review is conducted in accordance with the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act. This is handled by Region Örebro County and further information is available here.


How does Länstrafiken collect personal data?

Länstrafiken collects personal data in different contexts, and the data is then processed in a range of ways depending on the situation in which it is collected and the reason for collecting it. Personal data is also processed with the support of different regulations, as the data is used for a variety of purposes.


Länstrafiken gains access to information about you in various ways when you travel by public transport or when you make use of Länstrafiken’s services in some other manner. We can also receive data from a third party, such as a municipal authority, or if you take up various offers or participate in competitions and similar activities. By using our services, you consent to Länstrafiken processing your personal data in accordance with the purpose of the service.


We collect items of personal data via Länstrafiken’s website, apps and other channels. Below is a list of the services through which we collect personal data and details of how this data is used.


Saving personal data

Personal data is saved for different lengths of time depending on the type of personal data and the legal basis on which the data was collected. Länstrafiken, which is part of Region Örebro County, complies with the Region Örebro County erasure plans passed by the Regional Council. These plans govern how long various items of data may be saved.


Länstrafiken carries out erasure and clearance of personal data on a regular basis. Länstrafiken’s principal starting point is that as soon as an item of personal data is no longer necessary, it is erased.


You are entitled at any time to request details of which items of personal data we have saved about you. Further information about this right and the procedure you need to follow is available on the Region Örebro County website.


Further information about how Länstrafiken works with personal data

Further information about the processing of personal data can be found on the Region Örebro County website. You can find this information via this link. You should also contact Region Örebro County if you have any questions regarding the processing of personal data and the work related to this processing.

Personal data in the webshop and app

We collect personal data via the webshop to make it possible for you to purchase a ticket, to secure a lost ticket guarantee, to provide you with an overview of how you have used your ticket, and to obtain statistics to improve our customer service level. The personal data items we collect are name, email address, postal address, purchasing statistics and travel statistics. In certain cases, we collect gender details as well as a telephone number and civic registration number. We also collect personal data in conjunction with your payment, but this personal information is handled by NETS.


Personal data in the Länstrafiken app

Collection of personal data takes place when you use the Länstrafiken Örebro app. Processing of personal data in the app is necessary to maintain all its functions. When you consent to processing, an agreement comes into effect that constitutes the legal basis for our processing of personal data.

The following personal data items can be processed in the app: email address, telephone number, search, purchase and travel history, first name and surname, payment information and booking information.


Personal data is processed to support the following app functions:

  • Purchase of a ticket
  • Creation of a user account
  • Distribution of messages and notifications about possible traffic changes or disruptions
  • Distribution of messages and notifications about timetable updates or other relevant information about Länstrafiken’s services


Personal data collected in the app is also used to:

  • Handle claims, locate faults, and provide support
  • Check ticket validity
  • Compile statistics with the aim of developing our services
  • Offer the opportunity to participate in voluntary market surveys as well as competitions and campaigns
  • Make analyses to provide you with relevant offers
  • Counteract misuse of the app
Personal data via forms

One this website, we have forms where we collect personal information. What personal data is collected and how these are used depends on the form you fill in.


Personal data when subscribing to our newsletters

When you begin subscribing to our newsletter, you consent to us processing your personal data. The personal data items we collect are name and email address. We do so in order to send a newsletter to you containing information about our services, offers, campaigns and other matters that could be of benefit to you when you travel with Länstrafiken. We also use personal data to compile statistics to improve the service.


Personal data through our Travel Guarantee

By submitting a claim for delay compensation, you consent to us processing your personal data. The personal data items we collect are name, email address, postal address and in certain cases telephone number. We may also need further personal data depending on your preferred method of payment.


We use personal data to pay compensation, inform you about decisions, and as part of statistical data collation to improve our bus transport and other services.


Personal data when ordering a Company Card

By ordering a Company Card, you consent to us processing your personal data. The personal data items we collect are name, email address and in certain cases telephone number. We use the personal data to get in touch with you in your capacity as the contact person for the company that has ordered a Company Card and not in your private capacity. We will use your personal data for contact purposes in matters relating to the Company Card, to provide key details relating to the Company Card, to present different offers, and to inform you about service improvements. It is also used for statistical purposes to help improve our service provision.


Personal data when ordering a personal timetable

When you order a personal timetable, you consent to us processing your personal data. The personal data items we collect are name, email address or postal address. The reason for collecting personal data is to be able to send out a personal timetable in the manner you have requested and for statistical purposes.

Personal data on customer cases and forms

A customer can contact us in many different ways. For example, by phone, social media, events, email, in our customer forum, forms on the website or by contacting our Customer center. Länstrafiken can in some cases collect personal information such as name, email address, phone number and address. We do this, for example, to give you feedback on matters. Personal data is stored in our case management system, which is regularly cleaned.


Personal data in our Customer forum

To be able to publish an article in our customer forum, you need to create a user. By doing so, you consent to us processing your personal data. The personal data items we collect are name and email address. We use the personal data to contact you when we have received a response through the forum and for statistical purposes to improve the service.


Your personal data will be saved for one year from the date of publication. After that, the post is anonymized, which means that the post remains, but your personal information is removed.


Personal data via forms

In certain cases we collect personal data via forms. This could be a form used in connection with an autogiro application, as well as matters related to the Service Travel and other similar services. These are handled in different ways depending on which form is used. Personal data is collected to make it possible for you to use each service and the service in question is stated on the individual forms. By submitting the form, you consent to the manner in which we process your personal data.

Personal data at a ticket inspection

By utilising our services and travelling on our buses, you approve our General Terms and Conditions of Travel. Our inspection procedures could in certain instances result in the collection of personal data. This takes place if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions related to the issuing of a ticket used for travel. The personal data items collected are name, age, postal address and in certain cases contact details, such as email address and/or telephone number. This personal data is used for processing claims via a Länstrafiken partner.


Personal data when challenging a surcharge

By filing a claim in respect of a supplementary charge, you consent to us processing your personal data. The personal data items we collect are name, postal address and email address. We use your personal data to investigate the matter and for statistical purposes.

Personal data when using Wifi

We can in certain instances collect items of personal data when you use the Internet system on board one of our buses. The data items in question are email address and information regarding the device used. This information is used not only to provide the service but also to improve the service through the use of statistics.

Service Travel - the handling of personal data

When you apply for a travel service permit, your application is administered and processed by the Travel Service Unit at Region Örebro Län.


Information about you as an applicant is obtained primarily from the information you provided in your travel service application. We may also contact you for additional information about your application or your travel service permit. Information from others is not obtained without your oral or written consent.


Information that you and others leave will be stored in a personal register. The data is protected in accordance with the provisions of the Public and Privacy Act.