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The wheelchair and the walker share space with prams in the bus. They can therefore be taken only if space allows. No category has precedence over the other. It is the bus driver who decides how many wheelchairs and walkers can be taken without risking safety.

Wheelchairs and walkers may not be placed in a way that they obstruct other passengers or block emergency exits.

Anyone travelling with a pram/buggy or walking frame is responsible for the pram or walking frame and its safety.

The wheelchair must be locked with a brake in the designated place. During the trip, the traveller can ride in a wheelchair.

Wheelchair allowed on board

We accept manual and electric wheelchairs with the following maximum dimensions: Total length: 1,200 mm, Total width, measured in the widest place: 700 mm, Weight: 300 kg which includes both weelchair and passenger. This according to Swedish Public Transport's recommendations.

Three-wheeled electric wheelchairs with handlebars (electric scooter) can not be taken as they are considered unstable vehicles.

The rules regarding wheelchairs and walkers are decided in our travel conditions.