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Hållplats Torget, Gyttorp avstängd


Avstängda hållplatser på linje 6


Hållplats Spannarboda flyttas


Vägarbeten på Österleden


Hållplats Kvarngården och Biblioteket i Kumla trafikeras ej från 14/1



May 20

Summer, sun and new timetables from June 17

The summer timetables for the bus traffic are beginning to apply June 17. At the same time we are doing some changes in the public transport that affects some of our routes.

May 13

Welcome to our bus party

This year we will get new buses in our public transport. Come and check them out and celebrate with us.

May 8

Trial campaign may-june 2019

This may we will offer 350 employees a chance to travel with us free for 14 days. The employees works at the city planning office at the local authority of Örebro, a work place that relocating their offices to a new built house called Citypassagen in the center Örebro in the beginning of May 2019.

April 30

We will get a new logo

This year there we have a lot going on at Länstrafiken. We replace a large part of the buses in late summer and autumn. We will also get a new logo and a completely new graphic look.

February 25

New design for our regional and city buses 2019

Starting August 19 this year, we begin to replace some of our buses. The reason is that today buses have reached the age limit and that Region Örebro County together with Region Västmanland, has formed a new transport company - Svealandstrafiken. The new buses will be have a blue wave that bends along side of the bus.

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