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Hållplats Termikgatan i riktning mot Tybble avstängd


Hållplats Ronnebygatan upphör


Förändringar för resenärer i Vretstorp


Hållplats Våghustorget (på Drottninggatan) byter namn till hållplats Drottninggatan


Hållplats Axvägen, Frövägen och Skiftesvägen upphör



November 27

During the Black Friday weekend, an extra bus will traffic Line 1

During the Black Friday weekend, an extra bus will traffic Resecentrum, Slottet, Konserthuset, Södra Station and Mariebergs Köpcentrum.

November 14

New digital signs at selected bus stops in Örebro

We have begun with work on updating the major bus stops in Örebro with new digital signs that provide clearer information to travellers. They will display departure and arrival times as well as traffic disruptions when applicable.

October 28

Upcoming changes of our fares and traffic range

Due to the economic situation for Region Örebro County, a decision have been made regarding price adjustments and changes in the traffic by the Committee on Planning and Community Developmentinare.

June 25

City buses to the south side of Ladugårdsängen

In the middle of december 2019 we will begin to operate bus traffic to the south side of Ladugårdsängen. The area has expanded during the past years, and currently growing to become one of Örebros most inhabited areas. Route 6 will get a partially new route through the new-built area.

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