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Magasingatan i Kumla avstängd


Hållplats Korskyrkan är avstängd i riktning mot Marieberg


Hållplats Hjärstavägen avstängd


Ändrad körväg för linje 9 i riktning mot Slottet


Tillfällig hållplats för Lundby Centrum



September 12

Changed opening hours for our customer service

From September 16, we are changing our opening hours for customer service. We increase our presence on email and in social media with four hours.

June 25

City buses to the south side of Ladugårdsängen

In the middle of december 2019 we will begin to operate bus traffic to the south side of Ladugårdsängen. The area has expanded during the past years, and currently growing to become one of Örebros most inhabited areas. Route 6 will get a partially new route through the new-built area.

February 25

New design for our regional and city buses 2019

Starting August 19 this year, we begin to replace some of our buses. The reason is that today buses have reached the age limit and that Region Örebro County together with Region Västmanland, has formed a new transport company - Svealandstrafiken. The new buses will be have a blue wave that bends along side of the bus.

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