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Hållplats Molinders väg upphör


Hållplatser på Gamla Arbogavägen upphör


Hållplats Trumpetaregatan avstängd


Linje 204 arbetsskytteln har ett uppehåll v 28-31


Avstängda hållplatser på linje 6



July 18

The autumn timetables are now visible online and in our app

August 19, our bus traffic will departure according to the autumn timetables. The upcoming timetables are visible online, in our app and also available in PDF online.

July 12

Bus stop points at the website

Did you know that you can see bus stop points at the website? These holding points are in turn represented by a bus shelter or a post. The smaller bus stops usually have two stop points one in the respective direction of travel on each side of the road, while the larger travel center has more.

June 25

City buses to the south side of Ladugårdsängen

In the middle of december 2019 we will begin to operate bus traffic to the south side of Ladugårdsängen. The area has expanded during the past years, and currently growing to become one of Örebros most inhabited areas. Route 6 will get a partially new route through the new-built area.

June 20

We present the winners of the bus quiz

Below we have listed the winners in the bus quiz from the bus party on Marieberg and Marknadsafton.

May 29

Students who finish their first or second year of the upper secondary education shall save their School Cards Senior over the summer

Are you starting your second or last year in the upper secondary education this fall? If so, you shall save your current School Card Senior over the summer to be able to travel to your school the first few days until you get a new one that applies for the academic year 19/20.

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