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What do the symbols mean?

  • 11:45 - 12:31 Times in italics are approximate times. Can differ +/- 5 minutes from displayed time.
  • 11:45 - 12:31 Crossed out departure time shows the original planned timetable time.
  • Time is forecast Time is forecast Times with this symbol are times based on a forecast of when the bus will be at the stop. If the departure time does not have the symbol, it is the planned timetable time that is shown.
  • New estimated departure time This text and symbol show when your departure time has changed from the planned timetable time.
  • Traffic incidents may affect your trip This symbol text is displayed when there are several traffic events that may affect your desired route.
  • 8 Traffic information exist on line The yellow triangle indicates that there is traffic information affecting the route.
  • 8 Line is canceled A crossed out circle and a red triangle indicate that the departure or parts of the route are set.
  • ... The icon means that the journey contains more changes than those presented in the search result. Click the Details button for more information on what these switches are.
  • The icon means that there is planned information that may affect your trip.

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