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We cooperate with several rail operators in the county. With some of our bus tickets you can travel across the county border by train. Where you can travel is stated in the ticket information.

If you travel with a season ticket, see validity on trains under each ticket.

If you travel with a single ticket purchased with Travel Credit, train travel within the county with Tåg i Bergslagen and Västtågen / Kinnekulletåget applies.

Train tickets on the bus
  • Movingo - For commuting in several counties

    Movingo is a ticket for commuters within Mälardalen. It includes regional trains, local bus and train services. If you buy a Movingo ticket, you can travel on all of our buses within the county including services to and from neighbouring counties.

    For further information, go to Movingo

    Movingo season ticket

    The ticket is valid for unlimited travel for 30 days, 90 days or one year. You can travel from 00.00 first day of validity until 04.30 the night after the last day of validity. The ticket is impersonal, but may only be used by one person at a time.

    Movingo 5/30

    The Movingo 5/30 ticket is valid on Mälartåg's regional train routes and surrounding local traffic. It is not valid on SJ.

    Movingo 5/30 is valid on Tåg i Bergslagen's departures if the route you selected on the ticket corresponds to the county availability or if you have reached the maximum price.

    The ticket is personal.

  • Resplus – combined train and bus ticket

    The Resplus ticket is a combined train and bus ticket with part of the journey by train and part by bus. The part run by us is labelled Länstrafiken, the route number and the start and end bus stop. Breaks are not permitted on the bus route with us, instead the entire journey must be linked. 

  • Resplus årskortstillägg (annual pass extra)

    The Resplus årskortstillägg (annual pass extra) is valid on all routes where our season tickets are valid. Show your annual pass extra to the bus driver when you board the bus.

    SJ Annual Card with resplus årskortstillägg is valid:

    • on all regional and city buses in Örebro County
    • Tåg in Bergslagen
    • on all SJ trains in Örebro County

    More information about Resplus at SJ:s website

  • SJ Rekrytkort

    SJ Rekrytkort is distributed to conscripts and provides the opportunity to travel to and from facilities in Sweden by public transport: train and bus. The recruitment card looks like an SJ Annual Card silver with a travel bonus supplement.

    The recruiting card is valid on all our city, regional and express buses. This also applies to Flextrafiken in Karlskoga.

    For SJ Rekrytkort applies:

    • The period of validity is 9 months plus 1 day or 11 months plus 1 day.
    • The validity period is on the card.
    • The card must be presented to the driver when boarding.
    • The recruiting card is personal and identification must be shown to the driver or other on board staff along with the card.

    If you have any questions about the Recruitment Card or have lost it - Contact SJ.