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Free medical travel applies to travel to and from health care in your home municipality. This also applies to travel to and from a specialist in the county and vaccination for Covid-19.

There are several options to travel free of charge for the visit:

  • Digital care ticket - If you travel to and from Folktandvården, you can use a digital care ticket
  • Travel by bus on paper summons to the visit
  • Travel by bus with the receipt from the visit home
  • Pay for travel by bus or train yourself and be reimbursed afterwards
  • Travel by Patient transport if it is not possible for you to travel by bus or train
Travel to and from health care
  • Travel by summon to visit and receipt home

    You can use your paper summon when you travel by bus to your care visit. From the care visit, the receipt for the care visit serves as a ticket.

    You can not combine a Accompanying card (Ledsagarbevis) with a notice of care or a receipt from the care visit.

  • Pay for your trip yourself by bus or train

    You can pay for a ticket and get your money back. This applies to both bus and train. If you pay for your ticket yourself, you need to fill in a form for sick leave compensation and send it to the sick leave unit to receive compensation.

    If you travel by train, you pay for the trip yourself and then get your money back. You need to fill in and send the sick leave compensation form to the sick leave unit.

    The form for receiving compensation for your trip is available at 1177.

  • Travel with a digital Care Ticket

    If you are traveling to Folktandvården, you can use a digital Care Ticket. It makes it easy for you who do not receive a paper summons to still travel free of charge to care.

    On the way home, the receipt from the visit serves as a travel document.

    In order for you to be able to use a digital Care Ticket, the following is required:

    • Folktandvården needs to have your current mobile phone number
    • You need to have downloaded the latest version of our app

    This is how it works

    You will receive an SMS from Folktandvården when the Care Ticket is available to download in our app. The text message arrives no later than 4 hours before the booked visit and the ticket is valid on the same day as the visit. Get the ticket via the link you receive in your text message.

    When you have clicked on the link in the text message, the app opens. To pick up your Care Ticket, press the green "Hämta biljett" button.

    If you are under 20 years of age, an accompanying guardian can travel with the same ticket as you.

  • If you live far from a stop

    If you live far from the nearest bus stop, you can get a free connecting trip with Service Travel vehicles or receive compensation for your own car. If it is not possible for you to travel by public transport to your nearest care unit, you can travel with a Service Travel vehicle or your own car for a fee. Contact the medical travel unit and we will help you.

  • Free travel by bus and Service Travel to / from vaccination

    You who book an appointment for vaccination for Covid-19 via 1177 will receive an SMS. That text message is valid as your ticket for your trip by bus.

    You who have a valid Transport Service (färdtjänst) permit can travel with the Transport service's vehicle, if you cannot get to your vaccination point in any other way. Book your trip as early as possible by calling the Ordering Centre. You can travel with a Transport Service vehicle both to and from the time of vaccination.

    Travel to and from vaccination should not be booked via app or web.

    Vaccination does not count as a care visit and therefore it does not count as a medical trip.

Contact information for Patient transport

Phone: 020 - 31 43 22

Email: sjukreseenheten@regionorebrolan.se

Opening hours: Weekdays between 08.30 am and 12.00 am, excluding public holidays.

Visiting address: Eklundavägen 1, Örebro

Mailing address: Sjukreseenheten, Region Örebro län, Box 1613, 701 16 Örebro