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Kvarntorp offers a host of activities and experiences set amongst beautiful scenery. Among other things, you can:

  • play golf on an 18 hole golf course
  • hike on over 26 km of hiking trails
  • take a swim in the lake Hästhagsbrottet
  • barbeque with friends and family.

If you want, you can try to climb the Kvarntorpshög by using the stairs. It is a 200 meter long staircase of 427 steps. A real challenge!

On top of Kvarntorpshögen stands sculptures and works of art collected from the country's foremost artists. 

Here are also three mountainbike trails between 4 och 17,5 km with varying difficulty level.

Closest bus stop: Gasolvägen with route 710.

Closest bus stop to the lake Hästhagsbrottet: Röseholm with route 710.

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