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There are several destinations in the county that you can travel to and from with Local Service (Närtrafik).

We have listed the destinations in the table below. In the table you will also find a description of where you are picked up or dropped off. You find the stop you can use to travel to and from that particular destination in the column for Local Service stop options 1 or 2.

List of destinations for Local Service (Närtrafik)





Meeting point


Local Service stop alternative 1

Local Service stop alternative 2

Askersund Fagertärn The parking lot Askersund busstation  
  Harge uddar The parking lot at Harge uddar Askersund busstation  
  Igelbäcken The intersection at Igelbäcken in the direction of Karlsborg. Meeting point at the T-junction 110 meters north of route 49. Askersund busstation  
  Kaffestugan at Mariedamm The parking lot at Kaffestugan by Trehörningens masugn Askersund busstation  
Degerfors Fasaskogen Rönningshyttan At the three-way intersection Degerfors station  
Hällefors Kindla nature reserve, south entrance Lövåsen At the three-way intersection at Lövåsen Storå station  
Hällefors Murstensdalen At the exit road to Murstensdalen Grythyttan torget Karlskoga busstation
Kumla Kvarntorpshögen The parking lot at the ski club Kumla station  
Laxå Bosjön (at Getaryggens nature reserv) The parking lot by the lake Askersund busstation Laxå station
  Stage Bergslagsleden Gråmon Intersection at Bergslagsleden Askersund busstation Laxå station
  Tivedens national park main entrance The parking lot at the main entrance Askersund busstation Laxå station
  Vargaviddernas nature reserv Just east of Torpstället, the intersection between Högskogsvägen and Bockvägen Laxå station  
Lekeberg Sixtorp friluftsgård The parking lot Degerfors station Mullhyttans kyrka
  Trystorps ekäng At the information boards at the end of the road Fjugesta Storgatan Stationsgatan Vretstorp
Ljusnarsberg Nittälven Kolbron At the three-way intersection just north of the bridge Kopparberg station  
Nora Pershyttan At the information boards Nora station  
Örebro Garphyttan National Park At the parking lot Garphyttan centrum Vintrosa Centrum
  Göljestigen/Lövbrickan At the parking lot Garphyttan centrum  

Contact information for the Order Center

Phone: 0771 - 92 00 00

Email: bestallning@lanstrafiken.se

Opening hours: Daily between 07.00 am - 09.30 pm.

Visiting address: Eklundavägen 1, Örebro

Mailing address: Serviceresor, Region Örebro län, Box 1613, 701 16 Örebro