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Read these before boarding. Valid from 2022-06-01.

User and purchase terms and conditions for Local Service (Närtrafik)
  • 1. Purpose and application of the travel conditions

    1.1 These regulations apply to travel with Local Service (Närtrafik) performed by Region Örebro län (Länstrafiken). The terms of purchase and travel regulate the issues that may arise between Länstrafiken and its customers in connection with travel under the auspices of Länstrafiken. With "Länstrafiken" means Region Örebro län and the companies that Region Örebro län has commissioned to perform traffic services.

    1.2 By using Länstrafiken's tickets or other travel passes issued by Länstrafiken or an approved travel pass, a binding travel agreement arises in accordance with these travel conditions.

  • 2. Routes and timetables

    2.1 Länstrafiken establishes guidelines and Local Service stops for Local Service (Närtrafik). Länstrafiken have the right to change these, see section 2.2. Changes are announced primarily in Länstrafikens own channels, with a focus on Länstrafiken's website (lanstrafiken.se).

    2.2 Länstrafiken has the right to change rules and times for the Local Service (Närtrafik) we conduct at need for changes and temporarily based on reasons that Länstrafiken can not prevail over such as when roads or stops are closed by the road operator.

    2.3 Booked trips can be canceled due to circumstances outside
    Länstrafiken's control.

  • 3. Travel pass

    Valid travel pass

    3.1 Travellers travel for a fee according to the current price.

    3.2 The traveller must, at his or her own risk, ensure that he or she has a valid travel pass when boarding in vehicles and must be able to present a valid pass at any time during the journey.

    3.3 In order for a ticket in the app to be valid, the ticket must be in the app before the traveller gets into the vehicle. Ticket in the app that requires activation must be activated before boarding. In connection with boarding, a ticket must be presented to the driver.

    3.4 When traveling with a season ticket loaded on a Travel Card, the Travel Card and receipt must be presented for drivers.

    3.5 The traveller is obliged to temporarily hand over his driving license to the driver or ticket inspector, if he deems it necessary to be able to carry out the inspection. If the travel pass is in a mobile phone, the traveller is obliged to hand over it temporarily the mobile phone of the driver or ticket controller, if he deems it necessary for to be able to perform the check.

    3.6 A valid travel pass is a confirmation of an agreement between Länstrafiken and traveller, where these purchase and travel conditions are included.

    Lost travel pass

    3.7 The traveler is responsible for lost travel documents.

    3.8 Lost single ticket will not be reimbursed.

    3.9 If the traveller can not present a valid travel pass when boarding the vehicle, he or she has to purchase a single ticket by driver.

    Price groups

    3.10 Children 0 - 6 years travel free of charge with a paying traveler. Up to two children travel free of charge with a paying traveler. From
    the third child and children without the company of a paying traveler must pay a fee for youth. Children under the age of 12 should not travel without company for safety reasons.

    3.11 Travellers 7 - 19 years must pay a fee for young people.

    3.12 From the age of 20, a fee is paid for an adult.

    3.13 Traveller who has reached the age of 20 and can present a valid ID document and digital student ID has the opportunity to pay a fee for the student. See lanstrafiken.se.

    3.14 Traveller who travels on an ongoing season ticket for young people and turns 20 years during the current period, clearly travels its ongoing season ticket.

    3.15 It is your responsibility as a traveller to buy a ticket at the time of purchase the right price group.


    3.16 Travel must begin within the validity of the ticket. Ticket for Local Service (Närtrafik) is valid for one way.

    3.17 Travel pass Local Service (Närtrafik) applies to travel from the residential address to the nearest Local Service stop or for travel from the nearest Local Service stop to the final destination.

  • 4. Right of withdrawal

    4.1 Travel passes damaged due to a technical error are recovered free of charge.

    4.2 The traveller has a one-week repurchase from the time of purchase on an unused travel passes and then the full value of the travel pass is refunded. This however, does not apply to single tickets, tickets with validity 24 hours, 72 hours or Flex 10/40.

    4.3 The traveller has one week's repurchase from the time of purchase on the started season ticket. This however, does not apply to a ticket valid for 24 hours, 72 hours or Flex 10/40. What amount refunded depends on how long the ticket has been valid, the amount is refunded to travel fund as follows:

    • For repurchases during the first day of validity: The traveler gets back 80 percent of the ticket price
    • Day two: 60 percent
    • Day three: 50 percent
    • Day four: 40 percent
    • Day five: 30 percent
    • Day six: 20 percent
    • Day seven: 10 percent
    • After day seven: No refund

    4.4 Traveller who is not able to travel by public transport due to sick leave or similar is entitled to a refund for the part of the ticket price that
    refers to the time after the event. Written certificate of sick leave or similar is required.

    4.5 Traveller who has had reduced opportunities to travel by public transport due to changed traffic offer is entitled to a refund of season ticket or travel credit. Traveller is entitled to a refund for the part of the ticket price that refers to the time after the change.

    4.6 Repurchases only take place at Länstrafiken's Customer Service.

    4.7 Special conditions apply for travel passes purchased via subscription. See lanstrafiken.se

  • 5. Verification of travel pass and surcharge

    5.1 At a ticket inspection, the traveller must present a valid travel document.

    5.2 Misuse of travel passes is punishable by law and can lead to revocation
    or handling of travel passes.

    5.3 Anyone who is unable to present a valid travel pass during an inspection must, according to law (SFS 1977: 67) on surcharges in public passenger transport, pay a surcharge.

  • 6. General regulations for the trip


    6.1 Local Service (Närtrafik) has a limit in the number of travellers and booking is thus made subject to place. Larger travel companies can not be guaranteed to be able to travel with Local Service (Närtrafik).

    6.2 Travel with Local Service (Närtrafik) is co-planned with service trips so that as many as possible should be able to ride together. You can therefore get a booked departure time before or after desired departure time.

    6.3 Travel with Local Service (Närtrafik) can be done from the places that are further than 1 km from one bus stop. Travel can also be done from the places that are less than 1 km from a bus stop if the stop is served by less than 10 departures in each direction per day. Traveller is picked up at residential address or other address such as can be found in Lantmäteriet's property database for travel to the nearest urban area
    Local traffic stop. All journeys must start or end at a Local Service stop.

    6.4 Travel from Local Service stops can be done to the places that are served by less than 10 departures in each direction per day. Traveller is picked up in the urban area with Local Service stop that is closest to the desired destination point. The goal point may only be an address found in Lantmäteriet's property database.

    6.5 Local Service (Närtrafik) may not be used for travel within the municipal capital, even if within In the municipal capital, there are bus stops that are not served by more than 10 departures in each direction per day.

    6.6 When booking the first trip with Local Service (Närtrafik), the traveller is registered as a Local Service customer at the Order Center.

    6.7 When booking a trip with Local Service (Närtrafik), it must be stated whether children travel with an adult and if a car seat or booster cushion is needed.

    6.8 When booking a trip with Local Service (Närtrafik), it must be stated about the pram, folding bicycle or a child bicycle without a chain must be carried.

    6.9 When booking a trip with Local Service (Närtrafik), it must be stated about guide dog, wheelchair, walker or other technical aids must be brought.

    6.10 When booking a trip with Local Service (Närtrafik), it must be stated whether the Local Service (Närtrafik) trip is one partial journey with change to / from another operator (bus / train).

    Get on and off

    6.11 Be prepared in good time either at home or the Local Service stop before departure time. The stated departure time you get when booking is an approximate time which may mean that the vehicle can arrive up to 15 minutes after the scheduled departure time depending on the traffic situation.

    6.12 Travel with Local Service (Närtrafik) shall begin within the time frame permitted for Local Service (Närtrafik). 


    6.13 Luggage that you can carry on your own may be taken with you in the vehicle. Your luggage must not obstruct other passengers, take up seats, obscure the view of drivers, obstruct driver or otherwise affect safety on board.

    6.14 You must not carry luggage that may be disturbing or uncomfortable to others.

    6.15 The luggage must also not be flammable, explosive or otherwise dangerous.


    6.16 Conventional two-wheeled bicycles may not be carried in Local Service (Närtrafik).

    6.17 Bicycle, scooter and electric scooter that can be folded together and children's bicycle without chain can be carried on board free of charge and subject to availability if it does not take up space from other travelers.

    Stroller and walkers

    6.18 Stroller and walker are included free of charge.

    6.19 A passenger with a pram or walker pays the regular fee.

    Dog, cat and small pets

    6.20 Dogs, cats and other small pets may not be brought when traveling with Local Service (Närtrafik). Guide dogs are, however, allowed and must be kept in the bagage area.

    Seat belt

    6.21 If there is a seat belt in your place, you are required by law to use it. If the traveller is under 15 years of age, it is the driver's responsibility to ensure that the seat belt used.

    Rules of procedure

    6.22 The traveller is obliged to comply with the provisions of the Public Order Act (SFS 1993: 1617) and our terms of purchase and travel as well as requests from drivers.

    6.23 It is not allowed to smoke (also applies to e-cigarette) or drink alcohol in the vehicle. It is also not allowed to smoke in or near the Local Service stop.

    6.24 Carrying musical instruments, mobile phones, computers and the like should be used in such a way that fellow passengers or drivers are not disturbed.

    6.25 Anyone who does not comply with this risks being rejected and thus
    lose the right to transport and refund of the fee paid for the transport.

    Responsibility for luggage, animals, etc.

    6.26 The traveller must have supervision of luggage, pram, wheelchair, walker or other luggage unless it is placed in the luggage compartment.

    6.27 The traveller is responsible for the luggage that is taken in the vehicle. The traveller is also responsible for any damage that caused by luggage can cause vehicles, staff, fellow passengers or their property.

    6.28 In the event that Länstrafiken would be liable for compensation against another traveller or third party for damage caused by luggage carried, so it is the traveller who brought the luggage is liable for payment.

    Lost property

    6.29 Found goods that are taken care of by a traveller must be handed over, without requirements on compensation, to staff in the vehicle.

    6.30 If a passenger has forgotten something in a vehicle, he or she can contact the Order Centre on 0771-92 00 00 or another contact route such as presented on lanstrafiken.se. The Order centre helps travellers get contact with the right lost property department.

  • 7. Special service for people with disabilities

    7.1 Drivers must assist the traveller with a disability when getting on and off and with payment of travel if need and desire exist.

    7.2 Wheelchairs, walkers and other equivalent technical aids may be brought free of charge in lack of space. We accept manual and electric wheelchairs with the following maximum dimensions: Total length: 1,200 mm, Total width (measured in the widest place): 700 mm, Weight: 300 kg
    (chair + traveler) according to Svensk Kollektivtrafik's recommendations. Walkers, wheelchairs and prams share the same space without any category taking precedence before the other.

    7.3 During the journey, the traveller may ride in a wheelchair in a special vehicle. Wheelchair should placed in the designated place and locked with a brake. Drivers are responsible for assistive devices
    is locked with a brake and fastened.

    7.4 Special vehicles equipped with a tilting function must always tilt to facilitate boarding and alighting.

  • 8. Travel Guarantee terms and conditions

    8.1 If delays in Local Service (Närtrafik) or deficiencies in our information mean that there are reasonable cause to assume that the journey will be more than 20 minutes late, the traveller is reimbursed through our Travel Guarantee compensation. The right to compensation for delay is regulated by the Public Transport Travelers' Rights Act (2015: 953). Application can be made on lanstrafiken.se, alternatively a form can be downloaded at Länstrafiken's Customer Service. It is also possible to contact Länstrafikens Customer service directly via the contact method desired by the traveler for help with the compensation.

    8.2 Contact with Länstrafiken's Customer Service regarding delay compensation shall taken as soon as possible or within 2 months from the date of the event.

    8.3 Detailed information about the Travel Guarantee compensation is available at lanstrafiken.se.

  • 9. Personal injury and property damage

    9.1 Liability for personal injury and certain property damage that occurs in Local Service (Närtrafik) is regulated in the Traffic Injuries Act.

  • 10. Complaint

    10.1 If you have claims or complaints based on any part of Länstrafiken's Purchase and Travel Terms, you can contact Länstrafiken's Customer Service. Contact information is available at lanstrafiken.se. We want your claim or complaint as soon as possible, however, no later than 2 months after the event.