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When you have submitted your application, we will make an individual assessment of your needs. We then check the need for, for example, mobility aids, luggage and companions.

Practical details about the National Transportation Service
  • Mobility aids and luggage

    At each application, an individual assessment is made of the need for aids.

    You can take two bags with you on the trip, both if you travel with the scheduled public transport or with a service travel vehicle.

  • Companion and fellow traveller

    With each application, we make an individual assessment of your need for a companion and means of transport.

    If you can travel by bus or train, so-called public transport, with the help of a companion, you may not travel with a service travel vehicle. You may then arrange a companion yourself and book your tickets. You will receive compensation afterwards.

    If you are unable to travel by bus and train despite having the help of a companion, you may be given the opportunity to travel with a service vehicle. Then the companion travels free of charge.

    If you are traveling with a service travel vehicle, you can bring a fellow traveler if you wish. Your fellow traveler pays the same personal fee as you.

  • Guide dog and pet

    You can bring a guide, service and signal dog on the National Transportation Service journey. You are responsible for ensuring that the animal is transported safely. It can be in a cage or with the help of a harness. If possible, the animal should be placed in the luggage compartment.

    Pets are not allowed on National Transportation Service trips.