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Validity and price: Available for purchase for 30-days. Valid the whole day Monday to Sunday and public holidays. The price is based on which price category is relevant and which validity you choose.

Information about our price categories

Information about our time validities

Price chart Örebro + Värmland 2024



Young Person

7-19 years







30 days  1740 kr    3165 kr  

Geographical validity: The whole of Örebro County and Värmland County. The ticket has the same geographical validity as our County ticket. 

  • City, regional and express bus within the county
  • Local Service (Närtrafik)
  • Train within the county

Information about the validity for County ticket

You can also travel with the Vy buses that run between Örebro - Karlskoga - Kristinehamn - Karlstad and route 500 between Örebro - Karlskoga - Karlstad.

Travel Örebro - Värmland
  • Travel with a Vy bus

    It works like a regular regional bus. As a traveller, you show your ticket to the bus driver when boarding.

    You show the receipt to the driver and the driver notes that it is the right ticket. The driver then refers you to the correct place on board.

    There must be valid dates on the receipt. If you as a passenger can not show a receipt, the driver of the bus will deny you boarding.

  • Travel subject to availability

    The conditions for a packed bus are the same as in Örebro County. You as a traveller are not guaranteed a place on board. The ones who step on first who have the right to go first.

    As Örebro - Värmland is a commercial player, they have the right to let go of their own paying travelers. Other travellers may travel subject to availability.

  • How does the ticket work in Värmland

    Just like in Örebro County. As a traveller, you hold the ticket against the ticket machines on board and the inspectors will also be able to read the card during an inspection.

  • Timetables for the buses

    If you travel with our line 500, you will find the departure times via Plan your trip here on the website or in our app.

    If you are traveling with Vy, you can use www.vy.se to be able to see what times the buses leave.