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Nationwide Transportation Service applies to trips to destinations outside Örebro County. To be able to use Nationwide Transportation Service the purpose of your trip must be rest, pleasure, leisure activities or the like. The purpose of the trip can also be, for example, a funeral, visiting a relative or friend.

You need to apply at least 21 days before the desired travel date. Before major weekends and holidays, many people want to go. Then you need to apply earlier than 21 days before. We announce the latest application date, among other things, here on our website.

Apply via form or digitally

You can apply at 1177 and making an application digitally or by form

Booking takes place upon application

You must apply for a Nationwide Transportation service trip. If your journey takes place by bus or train, you can book your journey yourself. We announce this in the information we send out about your trip.

If your journey takes place with a service travel vehicle, you do not need to book your journey. You will first receive a letter with the decision regarding your trip. Our Order centre will then send you a letter with approximate travel times.

Bus, train or service trip

When you apply for a Nationwide Transportation service trip, we review your options for travelling by bus and train. If you cannot travel by bus or train, despite the help of a companion, you may be allowed to travel with a service travel vehicle.

We make the assessment with each application. What we look at is:

  • your disability and ability to travel by bus or train
  • how public transport is designed
  • which accessibility adaptations are available

You can find more information about national transport services on 1177.