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If you wish to travel using the Transportation Service you will need a permit. The permit for Transportation Service (Färdtjänst) applies to journeys within the entire Örebro county and 30 km outside the county border. If you need to make longer journeys, you can apply for the National Transport Service (Riksfärdtjänst).

Apply for a permit

In the county of Örebro, it is Region Örebro län that handles applications and decides on permits. Information about what is required to be able to use the Transportation Service is available at 1177 Healthcare Guide (information in Swedish only)

You can apply for a Transportation Service permit via 1177 Healthcare Guide e-services. (Information in Swedish only) 

If you would rather print out a form and send it in, you can use the following forms:

 pdf Application for a Transportation Service permit

 pdf Application for a  specific conditions when using Transportation Service

 pdf Medical statement for the Transportation Service and National Transportation Service (for use by care staff and in Swedish only)

Right now, the waiting time for applications for Travel Services is longer than ten weeks.

Forms for applying for a monthly card

 pdf Application for a monthly pass for work/position as an elected representative

 pdf Application for a monthly pass for study purposes

Contact information for Transportation Service

Phone: 0771 - 55 30 00 - press 2

Email: fardtjanstenheten@regionorebrolan.se

Opening hours: Weekdays between 08.00 am and 12.00 am, excluding public holidays.

Visiting address: Eklundavägen 1 

Mailing address: Serviceresor, Region Örebro län, Box 1613, 701 16 Örebro