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Pupils enrolled in full-time upper secondary education in Örebro County are eligible for a School Card Senior (Gymnasiekort).

You can travel with the card for a maximum of up to and including the spring semester in the year you turn 20. The Gymnasiekortet is personal and only applies to you to whom the Gymnasiekortet is issued.

Whether you are eligible for School Card Senior (Gymnasiekort) or not, depends on where in the county you live and how far you have to school.

Eligible for School Card Senior

Validity and price: Monday - Friday, excluding public holidays, 4:30 am until 7.00 pm. The last train or bus change must be no later than 7.00 pm. Covers a whole academic year: 15 August 2022 – 16 June 2023.

We have an extended validity in Kumla municipality and Degerfors municipality. We also have a Temporary School Card Senior that schools can buy to extend the School Card Senior validity.

Extended validity for School Card Senior
  • Temporary School Card Senior

    A Temporary School Card Senior (Tillfälligt Gymnasiekort) can be issued by upper secondary schools to pupils if they need to travel to and from school outside school hours. These can be occasions such as an open house for the school during the evening or weekends.

    Validity and price: Monday-Friday, excluding public holidays, from 7.00 pm until services end that day. Saturday and holidays throughout the day. The Temporary School Card senior is valid for one day. You obtain a temporary School Card Senior from the school, which orders them from our Customer Service. 

    Area: In the same geographical area as a School Card Senior. It is only valid together with your School Card Senior. You must show the Temporary School Card Senior to the bus driver or on-board staff.

  • Extended validity for Municipality of Kumla

    If you are a student and registered in the municipality of Kumla have an extra validity on their School Card Senior. You can travel between 7.00 pm and 10.00 pm on the days when the School Card Senior is normally valid.

    Other time during the validity period for ordinary School Card Senior, it is the ordinary card that applies.

    This extended validity was introduced with the start of the spring semester in 2021 and for five years from its introduction.

  • Extended validity in the municipality of Degerfors

    If you are a student and registered in municipality of Degerfors or a student at Degerforsgymnasiet, you have an extended validity.

    The extended validity is an extra School Card Senior with a validity from 7.00 pm and 10.00 pm on the days when the School Card Senior is normally valid. The extra card is also valid around the clock Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. 

The ticket on the School Card Senior is only valid:

  • for the pupil the School Card Senior was issued to
  • with properly entered in information on the back
    • the name of the pupil's school 
    • the pupil's first and last name
    • the pupil's date of birth (YY-MM-DD)

If the School Card Senior (Gymnasiekort) is not filled in correctly it can be withdrawn and you, or your child, may be charged an additional fee. Read more about ticket inspections here.

It is the municipality that pays for the pupil's School card Senior. If the pupil discontinues their studies, the card must be returned to the school immediately.

Area: All regional, express and city buses within Örebro County. For travel by train, excluding SJ Snabbtåg, within Örebro County. 

Applies to travel across county boundaries.

Travel across the county border

Valid across the county border to:

  • Arboga - Lindesberg on route 351
  • Filipstad - Kristinehamn on route 400 (Värmlandstrafik)
  • Filipstad - Hällefors on route 407 (Värmlandstrafik)
  • Grängesberg - Bångbro on route 360
  • Grängesberg with Tåg i Bergslagen
  • Götlunda - Örebro on route 321
  • Kristinehamn - Karlskoga on route 500 (Värmlandstrafik) and by Värmlandstrafik's trains.
  • Kristinehamn with city buses (Värmlandstrafik)
  • Kristinehamn – Degerfors on route 503 (Värmlandstrafik)
  • Kristinehamn - Gullspång on route 503 (Värmlandstrafik)
  • Kristinehamn with VTAB
  • Kristinehamn with VY
  • Ludvika with Tåg i Bergslagen
  • Skinnskatteberg with Tåg i Bergslagen
  • Storfors - Karlskoga on route 403  (Värmlandstrafik)
  • Värmlandstrafik's buses within Karlskoga
Information about School Card Senior (Gymnasiekort)
  • Lost or defective School Card Senior

    How to do if you have lost your School card senior, you can read more about here.

    If the card is defective or damaged in some other way and cannot be used, it should be replaced immediately. Contact your school office for a replacement. Until a new School Card Senior has been arranged, you pay for your travel yourself. 

  • For a new academic year

    You get your School Card senior the first days of school. You who already go to school should save your old School Card Senior over the summer. Until you receive your new card, the following applies:

    • If you start year 1 of gymnasiet, you travel on the temporary travel document that is sent to you together with the admission letter.
      • You must print out the temporary travel document in order for it to be valid on the journey.
    • If you start year 2 or 3 in gymnasiet, you travel on your old School Card senior for the first two weeks. That card does not work in the card reader, but you must show it to the bus driver.

    If you lose your School Card Senior during the summer, you can pick up a new card from the school office. You will need to pay a service charge when you collect the new School Card Senior and you will also have to pay for your journeys until you receive your new card.

  • Confiscated School Card Senior

    If you have not signed your School Card Senior properly, your School Card Senior may be confiscated. This means you will have to collect it from our Customer Service at Resecentrum in Örebro.

    Bring the receipt issued by the ticket inspector along with valid photo ID. If a School Card Senior is misused it will not be returned.

    You may have to wait one working day before your School Card Senior is available for collection from our Customer Center, and we will not reimburse any expenses resulting from confiscation.