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For the ticket to be valid, the final journey must begin before the time specified on the single ticket from the first journey. What you do depends on which buses or trains you change between.

Transfer between buses and trains
  • Between regional buses

    When making a journey where you need to change from one regional bus to another, you must buy a ticket all the way to your final destination when you get on the first bus. This will make sure you get the best price.

  • Between city buses

    On a single ticket, you travel freely for 1 hour by city bus within Örebro and Lindesberg. In Karlskoga, free travel for 1 hour applies to the entire Karlskoga municipality. Save the ticket and show it at each boarding.

  • From regional to city bus and vice versa

    From a regional bus to a city bus

    When you start your journey on a regional bus, an additional journey by city bus is automatically included if there is a city bus connection where you get off the regional bus. The maximum transfer time to the city bus varies depending on how far you are travelling by regional bus.

    From a city bus to a regional bus

    Ask the bus driver on board the city bus for a ticket for your entire journey. Show your ticket from the city bus to the bus driver of the regional bus and you will be given a discount on your single fare on the regional bus.


  • Transfer to and from train

    From train to city bus and vice versa

    When you start the journey with a train, it automatically includes a journey on by city bus. This applies if there is a city bus adjacent to where you get off the train. If you have bought your train journey with our Travel Card, a transfer to the city bus is always included. The validity period for the transfer varies depending on how far you travel by train.

    On the city bus, tell the driver you want to buy a ticket all the way to your final destination. To be able to use the ticket on the train, you must have it loaded as an electronic ticket onto a Travel Card. The driver on the city bus can help you with this

    From train to regional bus and vice versa

    To be able to travel further by train after a regional bus, you need to buy the entire route, including the train section, when boarding the bus. The ticket must then be charged as an electronic ticket on the Travel Card.

    Transition to train must begin before the time indicated on the ticket and you must register the train journey in the platform validator.

    Transition from train to a regional bus is possible. The transfer must begin before the time indicated on the ticket.

  • Regional bus across county border

    Transfers from one of our regional buses to another county transport company are generally not possible on the same ticket. You must buy a new ticket from the county transport company. However, we have some collaborations across county boundaries that you can find here.

  • Transfer to and from Local Service (Närtrafik)

    It is not possible to use a Transfer ticket to or from Local Service (Närtrafik).