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Prams share the same space in the bus as walkers and wheelchairs. They can therefore be taken if space allows. No category has precedence over the other.

It is the bus driver who decides how many prams can be taken without risking safety.

You must not place a pram so that other passengers are obstructed or the escape route is blocked.

You who travel with a pram are responsible for the pram and its safety. The pram must be fastened and locked with a brake during the journey. Do not leave the baby in the pram during the trip.

Seat belts for all seats 

By law, all bus passengers over the age of 3 must wear a seat belt if one is available. Our regional and express buses are fitted with three-point seat belts which are easy and convenient to use. 

The buses in the north, south and west of the county also have loose booster cushions for children to help the seat belt fit correctly.

City buses are not fitted with seat belts.

Fixed child safety seats

We have fitted most of our regional and express buses with special rear-facing child safety seats, similar to those used in cars. Please note that there may be exceptions, as sometimes it is necessary to use different buses on certain routes.

The child safety seats are suitable for children up to 18 kg and have five-point belts for extra safety. The seats are integrated into the back of the back supports on regular seats, and they are very easy to use – the back support folds forward to ensure that the child safety seat is at the correct angle. 

Each bus has two integrated child safety seats that are clearly indicated in a contrasting colour. The colour may vary depending on the bus model.

We do not have child safety seats on the following routes or service:

  • City buses in Karlskoga, Lindesberg and Örebro
  • Flextraffic in Karlskoga
  • Local Services (Närtrafik)
  • Route 308 Lindesberg - Kopparberg
  • Route 324 Örebro - Fellingsbro
  • Route 351 Lindesberg - Arboga
  • Route 353 Lindesberg - Guldsmedshyttan - Storå - Ramsberg
  • Route 593 Karlskoga - Laxå