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Pupils who attend primary or lower secondary school or primary or lower secondary school for pupils with special needs, years F-9, and have been granted free travel to and from school, are eligible for the School Card Junior (Grundskolekort).

Validity and price: Monday - Friday, excluding public holidays and school holidays, 4.30 am to 6.00 pm for a whole academic year: 15 August 2023 – 14 June 2024. 

The municipality in which the pupil with a School Card Junior is registered pays for card.

Area: City and regional bus to and from school. School Card Junior is not valid on trains.

School Card Junior is only valid:

  • for the pupil the card was issued to
  • with properly entered in information on the back
    • the name of the pupil's school
    • the pupil's first and last name
    • the pupil´s date of birth (YY-MM-DD)
Information about the School card Junior (Grundskolekort)
  • Lost or defected School Card Junior (Grundskolekort)

    If you or the student has lost the School Card Junior (Grundskolekort), it is possible to get a new one. Read more about how you can proceed here.

    If the School Card Junior is defected or damaged in some other way and no longer works, it must be replaced immediately. Contact the school office if your child received the School Card Junior from the school or municipality. If you received the card directly from Länstrafiken, please contact our Customer Service. 

  • Forgot School Card Junior

    If the pupil has forgotten the School Card Junior at home in the morning, the pupil must contact the school office or the class teacher during the school day. The student then receives a temporary School Card Junior to travel home with. This only applies if the student has received their card from the school.

    If the return journey takes place without a primary school card or a library card, the student needs to buy a single ticket for the bus journey. The loan card must be returned the next school day.

  • School Card Junior for a new academic year

    If your child is returning to the same school within Örebro County in the next academic year, they should keep their School Card Junior (Grundskolekort) over the summer. When school begins in the autumn, your child will receive a new card on the first day of school, but they should use the old card until they receive the new one.