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New city route network in December 2024

On 15 December 2024, there will be a new city route network in Örebro.

The city buses in Örebro should be an attractive alternative for those who are traveling today. The city buses must also be ready to meet the needs and wishes that the future brings with it. Therefore, we are now introducing a new city route network in Örebro from December 15th 2024 and we are also introducing Citylinjen.

Citylinjen will be the heart of our new city route network and includes line 1 and line 2. Citylinjen will have:

  • 5-minute service in peak traffic between the stops Tegnerlunden and Universitetsplatsen
  • 10-minute rush hour traffic from outlying areas
  • Buses with a different design and which are powered by electricity
  • Buses with boarding at all doors
  • Special bus lanes most of the route
  • Special stops with a different design

New routes and more frequent departures

In the new route network, we will merge several of the routes and focus on fewer routes that go more often. Today's 12 route numbers will become 7 routes, but with the same number of buses and more frequent departures.

The new route network will have more efficient routes and more frequent departures. That, together with the introduction of Citylinjen, makes the new route network faster, simpler and more sustainable.

Information about the new route network in Örebro

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