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Traffic information

On holidays, we may need to make changes to our timetables, but not on school holidays.

Here is a list of the type of service we run on public holidays.

How the buses run on holidays
Date Public holiday Type of service
1 Jan New Year's Day Sunday
5 Jan Twelfth Night Normal weekday
6 Jan Epiphany Sunday
  Maundy Thursday Thursday
  Good Friday  Sunday
  Easter Saturday Saturday
  Easter Sunday  Sunday
  Easter Monday Sunday
30 April  Walpurgis Night Normal weekday
1 May May Day Sunday
  Ascension Day Sunday
  Whitsun Eve Saturday
  Whitsun  Sunday 
 6 June Sweden's National Day  Sunday
  Midsummer's Eve Saturday
  Midsummer's Day Sunday
  All Saints' Day Sunday
24 Dec Christmas Eve  Saturday*
25 Dec  Christmas Day  Sunday
26 Dec  Boxing Day Sunday 
31 Dec New Year's Eve Saturday

*City and regional buses run up to 23:00. There are no night services.