Timetables as PDF

Timetables in PDF form can be accessed in several ways on our website: 


For the first two alternatives, you simply search for the service you want to find a timetable for. You can also scroll in the list of timetables or sort according to municipal area.


You can find a service page in several ways. You can use, for example, the service search function in Travelinfo. The service page also includes further information in addition to the timetable. Click on the service you are looking for and you will be transferred to the service page.


If you choose to view the timetables in PDF format, it is recommended that you check regularly to ensure they are still up to date. If there are any adjustments, the timetables are replaced, and they are made available on our website in PDF format. However, we do not send out updates automatically to those who have downloaded the timetables previously. 


The timetables in PDF format are currently not adapted to individuals with special accessibility requirements. If you need some form of accessibility assistance, we recommend that you use another alternative. You are welcome to contact our Customer Service Department for help and advice.