Different ways of finding out bus times

There are several ways you can find out your departure time. You can:



We recommend using our Journey Planner here on our website or the app to find your routes. If instead you decide to use our PDF timetables, it’s a good idea to regularly check that they are up to date and that no changes have been made.

Find your timetable in our Journey planner

The journey planner can be found both on the start page and under Travelinfo. The reason for placing the journey planner on the start page is to make it easier for you to plan your journey with Länstrafiken. Our aim is to make the journey planner as self-explanatory and straightforward as possible. 


Possibilities and options in the journey planner

There are three ways of searching for your journey:

  • Search for a journey
  • Bus stop departure times
  • Timetables

Search for a journey

Search for a journey allows you to search to/from specific stops. You can begin by entering details in the bus stop field to create a list of stops that you can search from/to. You can use the arrow keys to change the direction of your search. You can also choose the time at which you wish to travel before you make the search.


If you want to adjust your search, you have several search options to choose from. This will allow you to adapt your journey more closely to your needs. You can adjust your search based on the following options: 


  • Transfer time – How long do you need to change buses? As a rule, the normal transfer time is 0 minutes. In the case of larger stops – Örebro Travel Centre for example – the normal transfer time is extended. At those stops where the transfer time is 0 minutes, we cannot guarantee that you will have time to change bus.
  • Priority – What would you like to focus on in your search? Is it the shortest travelling time or the least number of changes?
  • Type of bus – Used if you only want to view regional buses or city buses. If you do not make a choice, both are shown automatically.
  • Maximum walking distance – Do you want to know the walking distance to/from a stop, or when changing from one stop to another? At present, the distance is calculated as the crow flies, which could be a little misleading. Make sure you allow plenty of time. 


Previous searches are saved on the device on which the search was made. Many visitors often make the same or similar journeys. By saving previous searches, we want to make it easier for you to search for the same journey again. Click on a previous search to move it up to the search field in the journey planner. You can remove previous searches by clicking on the cross beside the search. 


After you have completed a search in the journey planner on the start page, you will be transferred to the Travelinfo page. The reason for doing so is to give you access to further information that could be useful to you when travelling with us. 


Map in Journey planner

You can click on Map to see the location of our bus stops. This can be done in two ways. If you enter the name of a stop and click on Map, the stop will be pre-marked on the map as either From or To. If you do not enter the name of a stop and click on Map, you will be transferred to a map without a pre-marked stop.


 Siffran inuti ett färgfält visar antalet hållplatser i närheten

The symbol shown in the image above indicates that there are several stops close to the symbol. If you click on the symbol, the map zooms in and the stops become visible.


If you click on a bus stop icon, a box will appear with several options, along with information about the stop:




If you click on a stop, a box will open, and the name of the stop will appear at the top. Under the name there will be a list of upcoming departure times from that stop, together with the service number and direction. 


The box also has the following:

  • Bus stop page – Takes you to the page for the stop you have chosen and provides further information about the stop
  • Show bus services – Shows the route for the service that operates from your chosen stop
  • Travel from – Indicates the stop for a From journey
  • Travel to – Indicates the stop for a To journey

If you choose to click on From/To, the stop will be marked, and you will be presented with further options:



If you click on Find journey in the box, your chosen stop will be moved to the journey planner. 


The map can be closed by clicking on Close map. You will then return automatically to the journey planner and the current search.


Search results

When you have completed your search, the available departure times will be shown. The heading above the departure times shows the day and date of departure. The departure times, journey time and service number are shown first. If you click on Earlier departures or Later departures, earlier or later departure times will be shown.


If you would like further information about a specific departure, click on the plus sign to the right. Here you can see comments for the departure in question. You can also see the route for the departure on a map.


Traffic information is presented as soon as there is a traffic disruption that involves any of the stops along the route. 


If you would like even more information about the route, click on the plus icon beside the departure stop or destination stop. The whole of the route for the departure you have chosen will then be shown, complete with stops. If the departure includes changes, this can be done for the different sections along the route.


Bus stop departure times

You can search for departure times from individual stops by choosing Bus stop departure times in the journey planner. If you enter the name of a stop and make a search, upcoming departures are shown from the stop you have selected. The search is made for the next 24 hours. If, for example, you have made a search on a Friday afternoon and the service you have chosen does not have any departures during the weekend, no departure times will be shown. Approximate times are marked in italics.

By clicking on the service number, you can go to the bus service page for further information.




There is also a third way of finding departure times via the journey planner. This option is Timetables. All routes are listed in numerical order from the start, and you can search for routes by entering the service number. It is also possible to sort according to municipal area. In that case, all the services that operate within a municipal area are shown.


App - A help in your mobile phone

You can do the following things in our app: 


  • Buy single tickets for the bus
  • Find departure times for our buses
  • Find the nearest bus stop
  • See bus stop times
  • Access timetables
  • Get information about planned traffic disturbances (in Swedish only)

Download the app 

If you visit our site via a mobile device, you can download the app directly to your mobile. Just klick on the link below. 
You can also search for Länstrafiken Örebro in your app store. 


Problems with the app

If you have a problem with the app or purchases via the app, we recommend that first you check your internet connection. Do you have internet access and are still having the problem? If so, please contact our Customer Service for further assistance.


If you have a problem with payment, you should first contact the company that provides the payment service you used. If you have a problem paying by invoice or any questions about your invoice, you can contact Klarna. Are you having problems paying by bank card? Contact the bank that issued the card.  

Timetable at a bus stop

There are timetables posted on most of our bus stops. On these timetables, you will find the departure times from that particular stop.


In order for there to be a timetable at a bus stop, the stop will need to be used by more than 10 arriving travellers per day. If a bus stop has fewer number of arriving travellers per day then there is no timetable set.


There are, however, some exceptions from the rule of 10 travellers per day. If a stop is located near a school, health center or hospital, there may be a timetable set even though the number of travellers is less than 10.


Are you curious about whether a bus stop has a timetable, you can contact our Customer Service. The contact information for Customer Service can be found through this link.

Timetables as PDF

Timetables in PDF form can be accessed in several ways on our website: 


For the first two alternatives, you simply search for the service you want to find a timetable for. You can also scroll in the list of timetables or sort according to municipal area.


You can find a service page in several ways. You can use, for example, the service search function in Travelinfo. The service page also includes further information in addition to the timetable. Click on the service you are looking for and you will be transferred to the service page.


If you choose to view the timetables in PDF format, it is recommended that you check regularly to ensure they are still up to date. If there are any adjustments, the timetables are replaced, and they are made available on our website in PDF format. However, we do not send out updates automatically to those who have downloaded the timetables previously. 


The timetables in PDF format are currently not adapted to individuals with special accessibility requirements. If you need some form of accessibility assistance, we recommend that you use another alternative. You are welcome to contact our Customer Service Department for help and advice.