Taking bicycles on buses and bicycle parking facilities

You can take your bicycle on some of our regional buses. There are also several good parking facilities at larger bus stops where you can leave your bike and then travel by bus.


Regional buses

You can bring your bicycle on board free of charge on some of our regional buses, space allowing, and secure it at the back of the bus. There is space for up to 2 bicycles per regional bus on a first-come, first-served basis. You bring your bicycle on board at your own risk.


You must hang up and take down your bicycle from the bus yourself, but always tell the bus driver that you are bringing a bicycle on board. The bicycle stands on the buses,are designed to be used without straps.


 The regional buses where you cannot bring a bicycle are routes 721, 722, 723, 727, 728, 731 and 740.


City and express buses

Bicycles cannot be taken on city and express buses. Expresses buses are the ones on all routes with a three-digit number beginning with an 8 and route 500.


Bicycles on trains

Would you like to find out about bringing your bicycle on a train? We recommend that you contact the rail company you plan to travel with. We have a list of the main rail companies operating in our county here. 


Bicycle shelters and parking facilities

It’s usually easy to bring your bicycle to the nearest bus stop. To make life easier, there are different kinds of parking facilities and shelters in the county where bicycles can be parked close to bus stops.


Here are a few tips on where you can park your bicycle:



Hällefors Travel Center has a covered bicycle stand for around 10-15 bicycles. You can also park your bicycle more centrally in Hällefors but the bicycle stand has no roof.


There are some lockable bicycle stands at larger bus stops along the Rv63 main road and work is under way to install more.



There are two lockable bicycle shelters at the bus station in Karlskoga, with space for 22 bicycles in total. By registering your Travelcard you can access the bicycle shelters 24 hours a day. The ideal place to park your bicycle if you’re travelling with us!

Further information and registration can be found on the Karlskoga Municipality website



Kumla Travel Center has a shelter as well as wind and rain protection for bicycles. Further information is available at Kumla Municipality.


Kopparberg and Ställdalen

There are covered bicycle shelters both at the railway station in Kopparberg and in Ställdalen.



Laxå Travel Center has a large covered bicycle shelter with wind protection in the form of a glass wall.

Alternatively there is a covered bicycle shelter at Centralskolan in Laxå.



Lindesberg Travel Center has 110 parking spaces for bicycles under a canopy. There are around 80 spaces to the east of the railway.



Örebro Travel Center has a bicycle shelter with secure storage at a reasonable price. Further information is available from Örebro Municipality website.