Maps over routes

There are three different ways of viewing a route on a map for a particular bus service:


  • via a map on a service page
  • via a search in Journey Planner
  • via a complete service map in PDF form

Map on a service page

Each service has its own service page on the website. At the top of the service page there is a map showing the service route. The map is not updated in line with current traffic changes and it always shows the normal service route. The map function is under construction and you can therefore post your views and opinions directly on the service page. 


 The image shows an example of how a route appears on a map. The route is blue and there are stop icons near it.

Example of how a service route is shown on a map on a service page.


The service for the service page you are currently on is marked in blue on the map and the bus stops are marked with a bus stop icon. The icon for a bus stop is a square containing the letter H.


 The picture shows a blue H against a white box. That's what a stop icon looks like. There is also the text Lanna in the picture.

Bus stop icon.


This icon, see image below, indicates that there are a certain number of bus stops in the vicinity of the icon. By clicking on the icon, the map zooms in and the bus stops become visible.


 The picture shows the symbol that appears when there are stops close to the map

Icon showing there are more bus stops in the vicinity.


The map has several service page functions

You can click on a service if you would like more information. If there are any traffic disruptions along the route, they will be shown immediately. You can then choose to go to the route page by clicking on Route page.  


The picture shows what happenes if you click on a linje on the map


You can also click on a bus stop icon. A box will then appear with several options, together with information about the bus stop.


The picture shows how it looks when you click on a stop icon.


The name of the bus stop is shown at the top. Underneath are the upcoming departures from the bus stop and the service number for each departure. Click on one of the service icons to move to the service page.


You then have different options:


  • Bus stop page – takes the visitor to the bus stop page for the stop in question, and provides further information about the stop
  • Show services – shows on the map the services that pass the stop
  • Travel from – marks the bus stop for a From-journey
  • Travel to – marks the bus stop for a To-journey

If you choose to click on From/To, the bus stop is marked, and further options will appear. 


 The picture shows how it looks when you have chosen to travel From a stop on the map


By clicking on Search for journey, the bus stop selected is transferred to Journey Planner


Map to conduct a search in Journey Planner

Journey Planner can be found on the start page and under Travel Information. You can search for your journey using: 


  • Search for a journey
  • Bus stop times
  • Timetables

You can find the map function by using Search for a journey. There you can click on Map directly beside both the From and To fields. By clicking on Map, a general map will appear with Örebro in the centre. You then have a number of options, including: 


  • Navigate to the correct location by moving the map
  • Click on bus stop icons for more information about the bus stop
  • See which services pass the stop by clicking on a bus stop and choosing Show services
  • Choosing bus stops to travel from and to
  • Going to the bus stop page for a selected bus stop


Alternatively, you can first choose a bus stop in the From or To field and then click on Map. In that case, the bus stop will be marked on the map and you can carry out the above activities.


The map can be closed by clicking on Close map. You will then return to Journey Planner and the current search.


Map following completion of a search in Journey Planner

If you carry out a search in Journey Planner, available departure times are shown. To see the service route that has been searched for on the map, click on the plus icon beside the departure time and the service route will appear.

When you click on the plus icon, you will see the service route and underneath you have the option of viewing the service route on a map.

Click on Show on map. You will then see the beginning of the service route with the From bus stop marked. You can then zoom out to see the whole route.


 The image shows how the map is displayed through the travel planner

Example of how the service route is shown on a map in conjunction with a search in Journey Planner.


Service map in PDF form

We have overall service maps for the towns of Örebro and Karlskoga, and one for regional traffic in the County of Örebro. These can be downloaded in PDF form. It should be noted that the service maps are not optimal for text-to-speech readers.


 PDF Service map, town of Örebro, August 19 2019 - until further notice

 PDF Service map, town of Karlskoga, August 19 2019 - until further notice

 PDF Service map, Örebro County, August 2019 - until further notice