Maps of bus stops

Maps of bus stops can be accessed in two ways: via a bus stop page here on the website, and as a bus stop location map in PDF form.


Bus stop page – presents information about each bus stop

Each bus stop has a bus stop page with a map and a street view of the stop. The map is not updated in line with current service changes and only shows the normal service routes and bus stop information. The map function on the bus stop pages is under construction, and you can therefore post your views and opinions directly on the bus stop page.


The map showing the bus stops is shown as in the image below. On the map you can see nearby streets and larger buildings or landmarks to make it easy for you to navigate your way to the bus stop.


The picture shows a map and a stop icon for the Östra Kyrkogården stop in Lundby

Example of how a bus stop is marked on the map on a bus stop page.


The bus stop for the page you are currently on is marked with a bus stop icon that moves. The bus stop icon is a square containing the letter H.


 The picture shows a blue H against a white box. That's what a stop icon looks like. There is also the text Lanna in the picture.

Example of a bus stop icon.


This symbol, see image below, indicates that there are a certain number of bus stops in the vicinity of the symbol. By clicking on the symbol, the map zooms in and the bus stops become visible.


  The image shows the symbol that appears on the map when there are several stops nearby that are visible in zooming.

 Icon showing that there are several bus stops in the vicinity.


The map has several bus stop page functions

Click on a bus stop icon. A box will appear with a number of options and information about the bus stop.


The picture shows how it looks when you click on a stop icon.


At the top is the name of the bus stop. Underneath are the upcoming departures from the stop and the service number for each departure. Click on one of the service icons to move to the page for the service in question.


You then have a range of options:


  • Bus stop page – takes the visitor to the bus stop page for the stop in question, and provides further information about the stop
  • Show services – shows on the map the services that pass the stop
  • Travel from – marks the stop for a From-journey
  • Travel to – marks the stop for a To-journey

If you choose to click on From/To, the bus stop is marked, and further options will appear. 


Street view of a bus stop

You can see images of the stop by clicking on the Street view icon at the top of the map. Using Street view, you will see three images of the stop. The images are taken from Google and are updated via Google. The images are provided to give you an idea of what the bus stop looks like and how accessible it is. 


Bus stop maps with bus stop locations in PDF form

We have produced bus stop maps for some of our larger public transport hubs. These are available here for downloading in PDF form. It should be noted that the service maps are not optimal for text-to-speech readers.


 pdf Bus stop map, Askersund bus station 18 juni - until further notice

 pdf Bus stop map, Hallsberg station 18 juni - until further notice

 pdf Bus stop map, Hällefors bus station 18 juni - until further notice

 pdf Bus stop map, Karlskoga bus station 18 juni - until further notice

 pdf Bus stop map, Kumla bus station 18 juni - until further notice

 pdf Bus stop map, Lindesberg station 18 juni - until further notice

 pdf Bus stop map, Nora station 18 juni - until further notice

 pdf Bus stop map, Örebro station 18 juni - until further notice