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You can travel with us regardless of where you live in the county. You can travel with Local Service (Närtrafik) between a residential address and the nearest designated Local Service stop (Närtrafikhållplats).

The service travel vehicle that arrives is the vehicle that is currently available. This means that it can be either a passenger car or a smaller bus that picks you up. 

You can travel with Local Service on weekdays within these time intervals:

  • Daytime: Monday-Friday 09.30 AM to 02.30 PM
  • Evening time: Monday-Thursday 05.30 PM to 09.00 PM
Travel with Local Service
  • Find your nearest or other Local Service Stop

    Most of the Local Service stops are close to grocery stores, pharmacies and other services. At the Local Service stop, it is also possible to travel further in the county by bus or train.

    We have an interactive map that you can access via Plan your trip. Click on the I (information symbol) at the top of the menu and then select the box for Local Service (Närtrafik), and all about 50 Local Service stops will be displayed. These have their own symbol. The color is pink and N is the letter for Local Service.

    Närtafik på webbkartan.jpg

  • Book your trip with Local Service

    The trip can be booked no earlier than 14 days before departure. Booking is made by phone to our Order Centre. It is only possible to make a booking on weekdays between 08.00 AM and 04.30 PM.

    When booking, you need to state your social security number, telephone number, planned payment method for the trip, number of travelers, possibly. pram, aids, luggage, etc.

    If you announce that you will travel on with a connecting bus / train when booking, we will make sure to plan the trip so that you arrive at the Local Service Stop in good time to have time to change to a bus or train.

  • Tickets when traveling with Local Service

    When you book your trip, you specify the type of ticket you want to use. The following applies:

    The price for a single ticket is SEK 45 for adults (from 20 years) and SEK 22 for young people (7–19 years). Up to two children under the age of 7 travel free of charge with a paying traveler. The minimum age limit for travel without a guardian / adult is 12 years.

    Here you can find more information about all our tickets.

  • Carpooling with others

    Travelling with Local Service can mean carpooling with other travelers, just like when you travel by bus and train. Due to this, the vehicle may stop at several stops on the road.

    We can not guarantee carpooling if you are more than 4 people traveling.

The Local traffic stops

Kommun Tätort Närtrafikhållplats Matvaruaffär Resecentrum Apotek Vårdcentral
Askersund Askersund  Askersund busstation   X    
  Askersund Askersund torget X   X  
  Askersund Idrottsvägen X      
  Åsbro Vissbodavägen 21 x      
    Harge uddar        
    Kaffestugan vid Mariedamm        
Degerfors Degerfors  Degerfors järnvägsstation   X    
  Degerfors  Degerfors medborgarplats X   X  
  Degerfors Nya Brogatan X      
Hallsberg Pålsboda Centralplan X   X  
  Hallsberg Hallsberg station X X X  
  Hallsbergs Nytorget X      
  Vretstorp  Vretstorp Stationsgatan X   X  
Hällefors Grythyttan Grythyttan torget X      
  Hällefors Hällefors station X   X X
Karlskoga Karlskoga Gesällgatan norra X      
  Karlskoga Karlskoga busstation   X    
  Karlskoga Karlskoga Lasarettet X   X X
  Karlskoga Vindarnas väg norra X      
Kumla Kumla Kumla station X X X  
Laxå Laxå Laxå järnvägsstation   X    
  Laxå Postgatan X   X  
  Laxå Laxå sjukhem       x
    Tivedens nationalpark huvudentré        
    Etappmål Gråmon Bergslagsleden        
Lekeberg Fjugesta S Fjugesta Storgatan X   X  
  Mullhyttan Mullhyttans kyrka X   X  
Lindesberg Fellingsbro Fellingsbro station X X X X
  Frövi Frövi station X X X  
  Guldsmedshyttan Guldsmedshyttan kiosken X      
  Lindesberg Lindesberg station X X X X
  Storå Storå station   X    
  Storå Storåplan X      
  Storå Storåskolan     X X
  Lindesberg Ågården X      
  Lindesberg Östermalm X      
  Lindesberg Lindesbergs lasarett       x
Ljusnarsberg Kopparberg Garhytteskolan     X  
  Kopparberg Kopparberg station   X    
  Kopparberg Malmtorget Kopparberg X      
  Kopparberg Vårdcentralen       X
    Bosjön vid Getaryggens naturreservat        
Nora Nora Haga Nora X      
  Nora Nora Station X X X  
Örebro Örebro Eurostop X   X  
  Garphyttan Garphyttan centrum X      
  Örebro Haga centrum X   X X
  Örebro Lavendelvägen X   X  
  Glanshammar Glanshammar kyrka X      
  Odensbacken Odenskolan X   X X
  Stora Mellösa Stora Mellösa X      
  Örebro Svampen X   X  
  Vintrosa Vintrosa centrum X      

Contact information for the Order Center

Phone: 0771 - 92 00 00

Email: bestallning@lanstrafiken.se

Opening hours: Daily between 07.00 am - 09.30 pm.

Visiting address: Eklundavägen 1, Örebro

Mailing address: Serviceresor, Region Örebro län, Box 1613, 701 16 Örebro