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More extensive changes in the routes and timetables are usually made at the time of the timetable change. However, we may need to make adjustments during the current timetable period.

Sometimes there are road closures due to major events or roadworks and buses will need to take an alternative route. This is termed a planned traffic change and information on these types of changes can be found on our website home page.

Details of planned traffic changes can also be found on our app, on notice boards at the relevant bus stops, and on information signs where possible.

At the moment, we only have traffic information in Swedish on our website. If you need some help, please contact our Customer Service.

Unplanned traffic changes during the timetable period

Sometimes there is an unplanned service change. These are more sudden changes caused by situations that have a direct impact on our bus services. Examples include a water leak, road accident or similar events. As a result our buses may need to take an alternative route or may be delayed. To find out information about these changes, contact our Customer Service.

If, as a result of an unplanned traffic change, you are delayed reaching your destination you can receive compensation under our Travel Guarantee. Read more about our Travel Guarantee here.