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Impact on our buses

Due to the Corona virus, our bus traffic are affected.

Read more in the news about the corona virus here.

There are cancelled departures with our buses and information on these can be found on our collection page for traffic information. (In Swedish only)

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Here you will find the latest news on how we work based on the prevailing situation in society and how the situation affects our bus traffic.

We have some new routines when travelling by city, region and express bus. There are also some cancelled departures. The prevailing situation affects our bus traffic in several ways:

You can find the cancelled departures on our traffic information page. The information is in Swedish only.

Information about corona
  • Repurchase of a ticket

    Our usual repurchase rules apply. This means that you can make repurchases on unactivated season tickets. You can make purchases for activated season tickets if you do so within 7 days of the activation date. Then we carry out repurchases for Travel Credit.

    Single tickets are not repurchased.

    Read more about our repurchase rules.

  • Early scheduling of summer timetable

    We have changed to the summer timetable earlier than usual. This only applies to the city buses in Örebro. The summer timetable has a smaller traffic range and is adapted to fewer people travelling to work and schools.

    We do this because we need to have good preparedness for if sick leave increases among our bus drivers in connection with a more widespread social infection. By doing this, we increase the security of our supply. This is because we do not set departures from day to day, but have a planned reduction.

If there are new recommendations for public transport, we will follow these and as soon as we can inform you here on our website. If you want to know more about covid-19, read the Region Örebro website.

General advice when travelling with us

We follow the recommendations of Folkhälsomyndigheten and Region Örebro läns smittskydd. 

We ask you to consider the following:

  • Wash your hands
  • Keep distance
  • Abstain from unnecessary travel
  • Avoid rush hour traffic

We especially urge travellers who do not really need to travel during rush hour to refrain from doing so. This in order to prepare the place for those who have to travel unconditionally in order to maintain socially critical functions.

The advice can be found on the website of Folkhälsomyndigheten.