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Suits those travelling within the municipality and city of Karlskoga.

Validity and price: 24 hours, 72 hours, Flex 10/40, 30-days and 30-days Off-peak. 

The price is based on which price category is relevant and which validity you choose.

Price chart for Municipality Karlskoga 2023



Young Person

7-19 years







24 hours  30 SEK   48 SEK  60 SEK  120 SEK
72 hours  60 SEK  95 SEK  120 SEK  240 SEK
Flex 10/40  180 SEK   290 SEK  365 SEK  
30-days Off-peak  120 SEK    245 SEK  
30-days  245 SEK  390 SEK  490 SEK  

You have the opportunity to subscribe to the ticket for Municipality Karlskoga 30-days and 30-days Off-peak. Information in Swedish only.

Here on the website you can read more about what the different time validities ​​means.

Area: The whole of the municipality and city of Karlskoga bot city and regional buses. You can also use the Local Service (Närtrafik).