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Validity and price: Flex 10/40 and 30-days.

Price chart for 1-2 zones 2023



Young Person

7-19 years





Flex 10/40  265 SEK    530 SEK
30 dagar  345 SEK  565 SEK  690 SEK

Area: Applies to travel with regional traffic, which is both bus and train, between two specific locations in the county. You can also travel by city bus if it is adjacent to the route. You can use Local Traffic (Närtrafik).

To be able to buy the ticket, your distance must not exceed 2 zones. Geographically, two zones are about 6 km. Search for the desired route via our journey planner to find out if your trip is possible to buy as 1-2 zones.

You can buy the ticket 1-2 zones within the entire Örebro county and outside the county border to the same places as the ticket with county validity applies. You must be able to show a receipt if you travel across the county border.