Price category

When travelling on our tickets, whether by train or bus, the following price categories apply:


Price category Child: 0-6 years. Two children may travel free of charge when accompanied by a paying passenger until the day they turn seven. A Young Person fare applies for the third child and on. Children not accompanied by a paying passenger pay the Young Person fare. Children aged under 7 should not travel unaccompanied for safety reasons.


Price category Young Person: 7-19 years. The Young Person fare applies until the passenger turns 20. Be prepared to show ID. Once you turn 20, you must pay the Adult fare. This means that if you have a season ticket for a Young Person, the ticket must be upgraded to an Adult ticket in order to remain valid. 


Price category Adult: 20 years and above. 


Price category Family: Up to 5 people, including 1–2 adults and the rest Young Person.