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You can load your Travel Card (Resekort) with Travel Credit. You can then use your Travel Credit to buy single tickets on board the bus.

If you buy your single ticket using Travel Credit you will receive a discounted price compared with if you buy a single ticket on the bus using your bank card. You buy your single ticket using Travel Credit in connection with boarding the bus.

With Travel Credit you can buy all types of single tickets directly on board city buses, regional buses and express buses, but also single trips by train. You then use the platform validators at the stations before getting on the train.

You can use our Travel Credit to buy a single ticket if you want to travel with the following rail companies within the County of Örebro:

  • Tåg i Bergslagen
  • Västtåg/Kinnekulletåget
  • Värmlandstrafik trains
  • SJ Regional

You can also use Travel Credit if you want to travel with the following bus companies:

  • Värmlandstrafik
  • Karlstadbuss
  • Dalatrafik
  • X-trafik
  • UL

You need to load Travel Credit with at least SEK 50 at on of our sales agents, at our Customer Center or in our webshop. It is also possible to load Travel Credit on board the bus, although in that case the minimum amount you can load is SEK 200. 

You can load a maximum of SEK 2,000 in Travel Credit per Travel Card. Travel Credit can be used as part payment if you change your mind and want to buy a Season Ticket at a later date.