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Impact on our buses

Due to the Corona virus, our bus traffic are affected.

Read more in the news about the corona virus here.

There are cancelled departures with our buses and information on these can be found on our collection page for traffic information. (In Swedish only)

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If you travel with us only occasionally or want to travel a distance other than the one on your ticket, you can buy a single ticket. The single ticket is valid for one trip.

It is possible to buy a single ticket using our app, by loading your Travel Card (Resekort) with Travel Credit (reskassa), or by buying a single ticket from one of our sales agents. If you buy a single ticket on board the bus you must use a bank card. The price on board is higher than if you buy in advance (presale).

Validity: On a city bus, you have unlimited travel for one hours. If you buy a single ticket for a regional bus the ticket is valid for the selected journey. A transition deduction (Övergång) can be made in case of onward travel or when returning by regional bus. If you are travelling on a journey that involves a change between regional buses, we recommend that you buy the entire route on the first bus. Then you will get the best price.

During the period August 20 to December 31 2020 we have a temporary kind of a single ticket for you who travel by regional and express bus. You can buy ticket with Travel Credit on board our regional buses and you will then travel throughout the county for 90 minutes from the time of your purchase.

Area: City buses, regional buses and certain trains. With certain exceptions, it is not possible to travel on regional buses within Örebro if the bus stop is used by a city bus. If you travel within Karlskoga, you can travel on both the city buses and the regional buses.

You can use a single ticket throughout the whole of Örebro County and across the county border to:

  • Arboga on route 351
  • Filipstad Grängesberg
    • Route 400 Filipstad-Kristinehamn (Värmlandstrafik)
    • Route 407 Filipstad-Hällefors (Värmlandstrafik)
  • Grängesberg on route 361
  • Götlunda on route 321
  • Storfors on route 403 Storfors – Karlskoga (Värmlandstrafik)

Price: Adult, Young Person, Family or Group. Group is only available on board the bus. Two children travel free of charge when travelling with a paying passenger. There are different ways of finding the prices for our single tickets. Some single tickets have a fixed price. They can be found using this link. We also have prices that vary depending on how far you travel. These prices can be found by searching for your journey in our web shop, by visiting one of our sales agents or by contacting the Customer Service.