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Impact on our buses

Due to the Corona virus, our bus traffic are affected.

Read more in the news about the corona virus here.

There are cancelled departures with our buses and information on these can be found on our collection page for traffic information. (In Swedish only)

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The ticket for District C (Område C) is ideal for those who travel regularly, more than three times a week, within the municipality of Örebro.

Validity: 24 hours, 7-days or 30-days and 12 months. A ticket for District C is valid on weekdays and public holidays, day and night.

AreaCity buses and regional buses within the municipality of Örebro.

Price: The ticket for District C valid for 7, 30-days and 12 months can be purchased for an Adult or Young Person. If you choose 24 hours you can also choose the Family option. You can find the prices in our price guide here.

Do you live near an area boundary?
There may be a possibility for you who live near an area boundary that you only have the opportunity to choose an area. Search for your journey between the stops that are relevant for you to travel with and see if your stop borders another area.