Annual ticket – travel for 12 months, pay for 10.

Price: Adult or Young Person depending on the chosen area. You pay with direct debit payments from your bank account. You pay for the first 10 months and receive the two final months for free.

Area: As specified for the selected season ticket. Season tickets (County ticket, Commuter ticket, City ticket, Off-Peak ticket and Leisure ticket) can also be paid for by direct debit (autogiro) as an Annual ticket (Årsbiljett)


Period of validity: Unlimited travel for 12 months according to the validity of the ticket. A Lost Ticket Guarantee is included.



Apply for an Annual ticket

If you want to apply for an Annual ticket, you will have to fill out this form, print it and send it to us. (LÄNK) We must have your application no later than the 15th of the month prior to the month in which you wish to begin using the Annual ticket.


You pay with direct debit payments from your bank account. You pay for the first 10 months and receive the two final months for free.


Guarantee if you lose the annual ticket

If you lose your Annual ticket, we offer a Lost Ticket Guarantee. Contact our Customer Service and we will block your Annual ticket and send a new one.


Renewal of the Annual Bill

You do not need to keep track of the end date you have on your Annual ticket. We will send you a request for a renewal in good time.


Unsubscribe the Annual Ticket

If you wish to unsubscribe your Annual ticket in advance, you will have to notify us in writing. Mark the envelope or email "Autogiro". We need your request for termination of the annual ticket by the 15th of the month before you wish to terminate it, in order to cancel the payment on time.

Terms of purchase for the Annual ticket

Terms and conditions for the Annual ticket (autogiro) from Länstrafiken Örebro (LTÖ)

Valid from 1 May 2011.


1. Purpose and application of the terms and conditions

These regulations apply to LTÖ’s Annual ticket when bought with direct debit payments from a bank account and govern the issues that may arise between LTÖ and its customers regarding the payment and ticket. Direct debit payments (autogiro) refer to a continuous agreement between LTÖ and customer regarding the payment.


2. Autogiro – direct debit payment

Direct debit payment (autogiro) is an option for people who are registered in Sweden. Direct debit payment (autogiro) is taken out by filling out the application form "Medgivande till betalning genom autogiro privat”. By filling out the form, the customer gets registered in the LTÖ customer register. For customers under the age of 18, the legal guardian’s signature is required. LTÖ processes all personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act. By applying for direct debit payment (autogiro) you agree that LTÖ saves the data including your personal identification number in the LTÖ customer register and uses these to administer the annual ticket.


An autogiro customer can block lost or replace broken cards. Direct debit payment (autogiro) applies from the selected start month. The Autogiro starts the first of each month and the order must be sent to LTÖ no later than the 15th of the month before the annual ticket will begin to apply. The customer pays the monthly price at the time of the contract for the first 10 months and then travels free in months 11 and 12.


An autogiro customer undertakes to inform LTÖ immediately of any change of name or address. Change of bank account must be notified by the customer to the bank. An autogiro customer can change the geographical scope of the card without a special charge or switch from one ticket type to another. Such a change may occur once during the 12-month period of the agreement and shall be available at the latest on the 15th of the month before it enters into force. The current price of the newly selected product at the time of the change is valid for the remaining months of the 12-month period. LTÖ reserves the right to change administration fees. LTÖ reserves the right to change these conditions to a reasonable extent. 


3. Payment

The customer pays monthly in advance by an automatic transfer from the customer’s bank account. Payment is made on the last banking day of each month and the ticket is valid from the first day of the following month.

If the account balance is insufficient for payment on the last banking day of the month, additional withdrawal attempts shall be made in the coming weekdays that may not exceed one week. Thereafter, a reminder will be sent with invoice on the current amount plus an additional fee of SEK 50 to the customer. If this invoice is not paid within the time limit, LTÖ will block the Annual ticket and the matter will proceed to debt collection. If the matter has gone on to debt collection, a new application can be made only after two years.


4. Lost Ticket Guarantee

An autogiro customer has a Lost Ticket Guarantee. If the customer loses his or her card, LTÖ must be contacted as soon as possible. The lost card is blocked and LTÖ sends a new card to the customer.


5. Unsubscribe

An autogiro customer may at any time, without giving a special reason, cancel his-/-her subscription. The autogiro will end the month immediately after the customer has applied for cancellation of the Annual ticket. A customer wishing to end the Annual ticket must notify LTÖ by letter before the 15th of the month before. The Annual ticket will then be locked from the first of the following month. In doing so, the opportunity to get two months free of charge is forfeited. 


In order to become an autogiro customer again and get a new Annual ticket, a new order must be placed. Customers cannot stop or freeze the Annual ticket.


LTÖ has the right to cancel the autogiro if:

  • The transfer from the customer’s account to LTÖ via direct debit payment is not accepted or permitted, whether on a case-by-case basis or generally.
  • Payment of the current amount on the due date is not transferred to LTÖ via the direct debit payment and this is not due to circumstances on LTÖ’s side.
  • The customer violates LTÖ’s terms of purchase.


6. Other

By signing an autogiro, the customer allows:

The information provided on the application form to be entered in a register established for LTÖ (consent pursuant to section 12 of the Personal Data Act). The customer may at any time revoke consent for the use of personal data for marketing purposes (advertising barrier).