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Impact on our buses

Due to the Corona virus, our bus traffic are affected.

Read more in the news about the corona virus here.

There are cancelled departures with our buses and information on these can be found on our collection page for traffic information. (In Swedish only)

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If you travel frequently, regularly and for an extended period of time, you will benefit from buying a period ticket as an Annual Ticket and paying for it by direct debit. You ca travel for twelve months, but only pay for ten months.

You can choose all our Season Tickets as an Annual Ticket. Choose a Season Ticket based on how you travel and apply to have it as Annual Ticket paid for by direct debit. You then travel within the same geographical area and time period of the ticket you choose but pay by direct debit.

If you pay for your Annual Ticket by direct debit, the ticket is valid for one year from the first day of the month you choose as the start date. The form must be submitted to us no later than the 15th of the month before the start month.

Fill in the form and send it to us. The postage is already paid. Make sure your account number is correct and don't forget to sign the form. Please note that we need your order no later than the 15th of the month before you want to start travelling using the ticket.

Once you have received your Annual Ticket, all you need to do is make sure there is money in your account by the 27th of each month. The transfer is done automatically.

 pdf Form for applying for an Annual ticket (Swedish only)

Terms for Annual Tickets
  • Lost Guarantee

    If you lose your Annual Ticket, we offer a Lost Ticket Guarantee. Contact the Customer Service and we will block your Annual Ticket and send you a new one. Until you receive your new ticket, you travel on the order confirmation.

  • Renewal of the Annual Ticket

    You do not need to keep track of the expiry date of your Annual Ticket. We will send you a request for renewal well in advance. If you wish to extend the ticket, you do not need to reply. It will be extended automatically. You will receive your new Annual Ticket before the old one expires, allowing you to continue travelling uninterrupted.

  • Unsubscribe the Annual Ticket

    If you wish to unsubscribe your Annual Ticket in advance, you must notify us in writing. Mark the envelope or email "Autogiro". We need your request for termination of the annual ticket by the 15th of the month before in order to cancel payment on time.

  • Start and stop before and during the summer

    Do you want an Annual Ticket by direct debit that will start on 1 July or 1 August? In that case you need to submit your application by 15 June. If you want to change your Annual Ticket or cancel it from 1 July or 1 August, we will need that information by 15 June.