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If you live in Örebro County, you travel free of charge by public transport to and from a health care facility with a Care Ticket (Vårdbiljett).

You can use your written health care appointment as a Care Ticket when you travel for your health care appointment. Free transport applies to trips to and from a health care facility in your home municipality and for travel to and from a specialist within the county.

The receipt for the care visit serves as a Care Ticket on your way home afterwards. It is also possible to pay for a ticket and have the money reimbursed. In that case you will need to fill out a form and submit it.

If you travel by train, you pay for the trip yourself and then have the money reimbursed by filling in and submitting the sick leave compensation form.

Reimbursement form.

If you live far away from a bus stop

If you live far from the nearest stop or station, you can have a free connection trip by service vehicle or receive compensation for using your own car. If it is not possible for you to travel by scheduled public transport to your nearest health care facility, you can travel by service vehicle or use your own car in return for a fee. Contact us and we will help you.