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We co-operate with neighbouring counties when it comes to tickets across county borders.

We collaborate with Värmland, Västmanland and Dalarna for cross-boarder tickets. We also have tickets that are valid on other county transport companies' buses. Information about which of our tickets apply for cross border travel and on trains can be found here.

Other counties tickets on our buses
  • Värmland

    Värmlandstrafik’s Pendlar Plus is valid on:

    • route 500 Örebro-Karlskoga
    • route 502 Karlskoga-Degerfors
    • city buses in Karlskoga
    • city buses in Örebro

    The following tickets from Värmlandstrafiken are valid on route 502 Karlskoga-Degerfors and on services within Karlskoga Municipality:

    • Periodladdning (period pass) Lilac commuter area
    • Two-colour periodladdning (period pass) Lilac + another colour
    • Länsladdning (county pass)
    • Gymnasieladdning (upper secondary school pass)
    • Services 24 hours all days of the week for the pass period.

    Read more about these tickets at Värmlandstrafik.

  • Dalarna

    The following Dalatrafik cards are valid if you wish to travel on route 361 Grängesberg-Kopparberg:

    • Periodkort Län (season pass county)
    • Periodkort Senior (season pass senior)
    • Periodkort Upp till 20 (season pass up to age 20)
    • Periodkort Företag (business season pass)

    Read more about these tickets at Dalatrafik. 

  • Västmanland

    Our season tickets that are valid geographically to Arboga are valid if you want to travel on any of Västmanlands lokaltrafik’s routes that serve Arboga Resecentrum – Arboga Teknikpark.

    Västmanlands lokaltrafik’s Pendlarkort (Commuter Card) and Länskort (County Card) are valid if you want to travel on route 351 Arboga-Röforsvägen.

    Read more about these tickets at VL.