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The areas have a fixed price and you as a traveler can travel in either one, two or three areas. If you choose to buy a ticket that is valid in three areas, the ticket will automatically be a ticket so you can travel unlimited throughout the county.

Our new districts A to F have a fixed price. The new Ticket prices are based on how many districts you pass through during your trip. You must have a valid ticket for the all the districts you may pass through.


The new prices for the Season Tickets are shown below: 

Season Tickets 


City ticket Lindesberg


City ticket Örebro


City ticket Karlskoga municipality


One district


Two districts




Commuter ticket (1-2 zon)



When you commute a shorter route

If you commute a shorter route the price may be different.  Since march 15 you can use the Travel planner and see if it counts as a short route.

Map over the districts

Below you find an overview of the map and our new districts A to F. In the list you will see the route and which districts they go through. You can also search your route in our app, Travel planner or via our map on the website.