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The field can't be empty

March 15 we made some changes in how you purchase your ticket. One long awaited news is that you can now purchase your Season Ticket in the app. Another major change we did is that we now have geographical districts instead of distances.

To make it easy and flexible to travel with us, we introduce districts for season tickets. Previously, when you bought a ticket to commute, you bought a route, from March 15, you buy the geographical area or areas that the desired route passes during the trip.

In terms of price, this mainly benefits you who travel longer distances. The advantage is also that you can travel freely within the entire area, instead of just between two places. This makes it possible to travel more than just one distance.

The season tickets move into the app

A long-awaited news that has been requested by travelers is the possibility to have the season tickets in the app. We are therefore happy that those who commute  finally can buy their ticket directly in our app. Read more about the app and how to download it here.