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In our webshop you can load your Travel Card with Season Tickets and Travel Credit. When you register your Travel Card you also receive a Lost Card Guarantee.

In our webshop you can load all our Season Tickets, with the exception of the Annual Ticket, as well as Travel Credit. To load your card via the web shop, you must already have a Travel Card and you will need to create a user account. You can then buy Season Tickets or load Travel Credit onto your Travel Card in our web shop. You can also view your current balance or block your Travel Card.  

Once you have created a user account, you can register your Travel card if you wish. If you register your Travel Card in the web shop, it will be covered by our Lost Ticket Guarantee. This means that if you lose your Travel Card, you will receive a replacement card free of charge as well as the tickets and Travel Credit you had on your old card.

Good to know about our webshop
  • Charge your card well in advance

    It takes a few hours for your Travel Card to be updated when you buy Season Tickets or load your card with Travel Credit in the web shop. We therefore recommend that you buy tickets and load Travel Credit in the web shop before 18:00 the day before you travel.

    It takes around 24 hours from charging your Travel Card on board the bus until the loaded amount of Travel Credit shows in the total balance in the web shop. In the meantime you can view your most recently loaded amounts, together with other items bought, under purchase history or card history.

  • Forgotten username or password

    Forgotten the password for your web shop account? Click on the link, enter the email address you used to register the account, and a new password will be sent to that email address.

    I have forgotten my password