Buying tickets on board the bus by bank card

If possible we prefer that you buy your ticket or load your Travelcard (Resekort) before getting on the bus. This reduces the time the bus has to stop at each bus stop and therefore minimises the risk of delays.  


You can load Travel credit (reskassa) or buy season tickets (periodbiljetter) and single tickets (enkelbiljetter) on board the bus. If you buy a single ticket on board the bus using a bank card, you pay the on-board fare which is higher than the fare you pay when you buy a ticket in the app or from a sales agent.


Our buses are cash free, which means all purchases on board the bus must be paid for by bank card.


On the city buses in Örebro you can use a gift card from City Örebro to pay for a single journey. Use it in the same way as a regular bank card and pay at the card terminal on board. Interested in finding out more about the gift card? Further information is available from the City Örebro website