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If possible, we prefer that you buy your ticket or load your Travel Card (Resekort) before getting on the bus. This reduces the time the bus needs to stop at each bus stop, minimising the risk of delays and helps us get you to your destination on

If you buy a single ticket on board the bus using a bank card, you pay the on-board fare, which is higher than the fare you pay when you buy a ticket using the app or from a sales agent.

Buy your single ticket on board with your travel credit

You can buy your single ticket with travel cash. To do this, follow these steps:

  Select the ticket you want to travel on in the display

- Choose price group: schoolchildren, adults or families

 Hold your travel card against the lower part of the ticket validator for about 4-5 seconds

- A green light indicates that the purchase has been completed and you can now travel on the ticket

- A red light indicates that the purchase could not be completed. Check the balance for the travel fund or contact our Customer Service.

Use the platform validator for travelling by train

If you are traveling with a Season Ticket on a train, you must register your ticket using one of the yellow platform validators located at the various stations.

You can also buy single tickets for train travel using the yellow platform validators. If you use Travel Credit as payment. Follow the instructions on the platform validator.

Always show your Travel card with a valid ticket to the staff on board the train.